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Goh Bao Wei
July 8, 2021
Virtual Event Series (Part 15): Agenda View & On-Demand Controls

Discover new ticket monetisation opportunities and curate personalised on-demand content with our latest features.

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Amsyar Jailani
April 14, 2021
Virtual Event Series (Part 13): Match Analytics

Introducing a game-changing analytics feature that allows your customers (attendees, exhibitors, sponsors etc.) to remain highly competitive in an increasingly digital-driven business landscape.

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Amsyar Jailani
March 18, 2021
Virtual Event Series (Part 12): Optimising the Virtual Homepage

Get the most out of your virtual homepage as we share useful tips on creating effective landing pages!

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Amsyar Jailani
February 19, 2021
Virtual Events: Replacement or Reinvention?

Should virtual events replicate live events as closely as possible or should they be completely new experiences?

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