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From Planning to Post-Event Insights

Understand the personal event journey of your stakeholders

Set-up, track, and manage your event performance, from start to finish, and drive better results/outcomes with our event platform.

Uncover How

Our Analytics Story

Get the full story of your events with our analytics journey, purposely built for events.


Understand how your customers interact at the event. Make use of this information to create more personalized and engaging experiences for your attendees.


All interactions can create opportunities for your end-users. This, in turn, helps you optimize your pipeline to achieve your event KPIs.


It's time to measure the outcomes through realization. Analyze key areas such as conversations, sentiments and app activity, to get a better understanding of how your event is performing and derive actionable insights.

Create data-driven and actionable insights

Your event data findings in a single view

Simplicity for effectiveness

We dont data dump to create a perspective of data-rich environment. We design a story line so you can easily follow on your event data.

Directions for action

Our dashboards are created to help you easily follow up on sentiments and behavior, reducing the time to react to situations.

Complete end-to-end processes

We provide a single view of all event data, making it easy to track and analyze the entire event lifecycle.

Providing value with on-hand event management

Robust Managment

Putting the control in your hands

Be creative about orchestrating your platform instead of being restricted with the use of robust management tools.

Meetings Manager

Schedule, track and manage meetings with ease, save time and improve the efficiency of your event meetings.


Automatically sync your event data between different systems and keep your information accurate and up-to-date.

CMS for Agenda

A comprehensive content management system to help you set up, track and manage your content more effectively.

Web App and Native App Hub

An all-in-one ecosystem where you make changes directly onto these platforms.

Communication Management

Keep attendees engaged with push notifications and email courier features.

Specialists Management

Delivering the value of our services

Further benefit from the resources and support we can provide your staff  to communicate the value of our engagement hub to exhibitors and attendees.

Geared for personalization

Our management tools are designed for personalizing the experience for your attendees.

It's (less) complicated

We strive to streamline the processes to manage programmes with lean resourcing. Do more, with less.

Stay in check, in control, and efficient

Our aim is to set you up for a successful event, approaching event management in a systematic and proactive manner, with our consolidated management tools.

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