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Empowering Event Success, Unleashing the Potential of Our AI

Experience the future of event management with our cutting-edge AI solutions, empowering seamless success and unlocking endless possibilities.

Revolutionizing Event Connections

Elevate event engagement with AI-powered personalized recommendations for meaningful connections and relevant content.

Maximizing Event Outcomes

Empower data-driven decisions based on attendee behavior to maximize event outcomes and deliver exceptional results.

Commitment to Data Responsibility

The event data is deliberately siloed to prioritize data privacy, empowering users with complete control over their profiles and ensuring the highest standards of data ethics to give our audience a peace of mind

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How Our AI Magic Works

Discover the magic behind our AI technology that powers personalized experiences and intelligent solutions


Harness the power of RevRank AI, the core recommendation engine of our engagement hub, built to function efficiently with event data and to help organizers gain actionable insights to optimize attendee experiences and drive event success.

During Event

Experience Jublia AI Maps - redefining event floorplan management as you transform static maps into interactive masterpieces in mere seconds using our deep learning models. Design your event floorplan to elevate attendee event navigation with an engaging and dynamic experience.

During Event

Score your leads accurately with the intelligent Jublia Scan. Powered by a streamlined and speedy version of RevRank AI, it utilizes past interactions and contextual cues to automatically measure lead relevance.

Post Event

Delving into post-event feedback, our smart system uses LLM to swiftly detect the positive or negative sentiments shared by attendees. This unlocks a wealth of insights and actionable feedback to fine-tune strategies, elevate experiences, and guarantee long-lasting event success. With Jublia's AI-powered sentiment analysis, make every event an encore-worthy performance.

This is just the tip of our AI Iceberg

We are just getting started to supercharge our mission of smart connectivity at your events, bringing you seamless interactions and unparalleled opportunities. Stay tuned as we unveil the future of event technology — designed to exceed your expectations.

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