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Make Navigation a Breeze

Intelligently explore every nook and corner of your event, digitally and physically.

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AI-driven maps management

Multi-platforms interoperability


Branded floorplan

Paperless & environmentally friendly

Bring your static floorplan to the table, and let our AI turn it into an interactive map

Interactive maps are among the backbones of intelligent event infrastructure, integrated with AI technology. And the best part? It now takes mere seconds to breathe life into your static floorplan and convert it into a dynamic, interactive map with the power of AI.

Auto-magically convert your well-designed and branded static map into an interactive one.

Highly flexible to different designs and fonts, keeping your brands personality intact on your maps.

Increase the physical presence of your event

Your event map is the most integral part of your event and we put this front and centre on your event hub. It is paired as an important counterpart to your directories and sessions, ensuring that your attendees will always be aware of all the event’s activities, who is attending, and where they will be.

Encourage venue visualization for an ehanced pre-event engagement.

Available throughout the pre to post event life cycle and even in Public Hub mode.

The solution to venue madness

Specifically designed for large events in big venues, Jublia’s Multihalls Mapping divides venue complexity for a more convenient layout and management. Less hassle for your attendees in navigating the venue, more time and energy to create meaningful experiences.

Possible routes around and across halls are automatically generated for  the best wayfinding experience.

Easier halls mapping across a venue  using our novel "Maps in Map" concept.

Interoperability across all platforms

Unlock a world of possibilities as our AI bridges the gap between Web App and Native App, allowing you to effortlessly navigate across these digital platforms. The AI-powered interactive maps are also accessible through menus within the platforms, from 'My Schedule' to 'Bookmarks.

Streamlined and engaging event experience throughout every stage of the event lifecycle.

AI-powered fusion of Web App and Native App capabilities for effortless navigation across digital landscapes.

Zero Cost

Always free to use because we believe events are better off with interactive maps than static ones.

Paperless & environmentally friendly

Jublia’s AI interactive maps wholeheartedly support your sustainability efforts by eliminating the needs for venue map brochures onsite.

Navigate your way with Jublia AI Maps

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