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Cultivating success by harnessing

Monetization and sponsorship for events

An event engagement hub is more than just a cost, it is an investment. Take advantage of the different monetization and sponsorship opportunities available to supercharge your sales activities and achieve your event business goals.

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Monetize from every angle

Enriching businesses with impactful visual ads

Discover the true meaning of powerful visual ads, where businesses gain a direct channel to connect with their target audience. Our platform allows you to monetize ad space directly with sponsors, providing unparalleled control over rates, terms, and ad types. This control amplifies the value of your event platform, cultivating a dynamic ecosystem of engagement and revenue generation.

Profile enhancement and tailored pricing

Elevate profiles with strategic up-ranking and customize pricing through user entitlements. Boost visibility and tailor access or charges for diverse stakeholders. Shape tiers, design pricing structures, and seamlessly track entitlements for a dynamic event experience that maximizes revenue opportunities

Maximizing event value through sponsored sessions

Optimize your event's value and profitability through meticulously managed sponsored sessions. Open up a prime revenue stream by incorporating these sessions into your conference agenda. From premium packages to session recordings, this strategic approach unlocks enriched value and unforgettable experiences that resonate with attendees and sponsors alike.

Capturing connections: The power of lead retrieval

Welcome this pivotal tool that turns events into valuable opportunities. Facilitate your exhibitors in capturing visitor insights in real-time, driving meaningful connections and conversations. Explore a spectrum of monetization strategies that make lead retrieval not just a service, but a catalyst for exhibitor excellence:

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Facilitated meetings : Bridging value and financial viability

Unveil the transformative power of facilitated meetings, a strategic cornerstone that optimizes event outcomes for businesses and organizations. This invaluable service optimizes interactions, streamlining processes and contributing to substantial event participation ROI.

Your Event's Success: Our Shared Goal

Organizing a successful event can be challenging, and we want to help you turn your hard work into a profitable venture. Jublia is committed to helping you succeed and take your event to the next level.

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