Virtual Event Series (Part 5): My Schedule

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Over the past months, events have been different from what they used to be. Organisers from all over the world are quickly pivoting their Live Events to Fully Virtual and Hybrid, and with the demand for these new event formats increasing, we’ve devoted resources to improving the attendee’s experience. I’m pleased to share our latest updates that include Calendar Integrations, Timezone Support and Personalised Notifications.

The customisable platform is optimized across all your devices!

Calendar Integration

We’ve developed a way for attendees to integrated their schedules that goes beyond just downloading a standard ICS file. This is through an entirely seamless integration with either Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. This simply means that we support real-time calendar sync! All meeting reschedules would automatically reflect in the calendar that you’ve integrated with. Content sync for agenda sessions is also in our development pipeline. Moreover this function is made available for event platforms that reside on a branded web application domain. Jublia is the only provider that can fully white label the entire event platform, including the web application domain URL. Yes, you can market the platform as your own.

Timezone Support

One of the benefits of organising a Virtual or Hybrid event is the ability to expand your attendee base to accommodate participants from every part of the world. After all, you only need a stable internet to enjoy networking and content on the platform. Jublia’s event platform now supports Timezone Support allowing attendees to either choose their own preferred timezone. We’ve added a timezone detection feature as well just to ensure that you don’t make the mistake of wrong inputs. You can now view all your scheduled meetings in your own time (pun intended)!

Notifications Support

Since 2014, our platform supports a robust SMS and email notification ability that would send unintrusive reminders 10–15 minutes before each meeting. Right now we’ve taken this notification feature a step further, by adding the ability for attendees to optionally have notifications sent to them via Facebook Messenger, WeChat as well as WhatsApp. Meeting “no shows” are a bane and this is our way of improving the robust audience engagement process that we already have.

Speak to us!

If you are keen to learn more about these features and how they empower the attendee experience let us know, we’d love to chat. Alternatively, if you have some amazing ideas on what we can do to improve the interactivity and engagement for your attendees, we’d love to hear the same. Reach out to us anytime at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re familiar with!

Written By :
Chinab Chugh
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