Virtual Event Series (Part 2): 1-to-1 Video Meetings

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In this edition, we are zooming in on how 1-to-1 video meetings are built with security, scale and personalisation.

The platform is optimized for all your devices. Accessed through browser or Event App.


With an increasing demand for fully virtual or hybrid events as part of the new normal, we’ve noticed a painful (new) dilemma that attendees are facing. Meeting virtually just isn’t the same as meeting face-to-face (and it would never be the same). Nevertheless, the necessity to continue engaging in 1-to-1 business conversations has never been higher. Jublia has developed a highly secured and powerful virtual meetings capability, as an inherent part of our entire end-to-end experience. Whether you’re running a virtual trade show, exhibition or conference, we’ve got you covered.

How It Works

Built upon years of experience as a global leader in the space of 1-to-1 meetings and business matchmaking, we call this networking format Match Virtual and we hope you like it as much as we do.

The platform is anti-spam, meaning both parties have to accept before a meeting is facilitated.

  1. People Discovery
    Once an attendee joins Jublia’s virtual event platform they would immediately be served up a list of relevant contacts who are highly curated based on a myriad of factors. Yes, we send AI-Powered Recommendations through our proprietary RevRank algorithm. Ask anyone at Jublia how it works and you’ll know that it’s legit. We hope you don’t get punk’ed by the numerous false prophets out there.
  2. Meeting Request
    We use a Smart Scheduler that automatically displays the mutual availability of both parties for maximum efficiency and optimisation. On top of that, attendees can specify and focus the discussion based on pre-fill tags; even leave a short memo to direct the upcoming discussion. The software learns and this would build a unique customer profile that would further enhance the type of people and content recommendations that we send out.
  3. Match Virtual
    Congratulations, the meeting is scheduled! Participants will receive updates and reminders via email, push notifications (native app) as well as through SMS. What’s next, simply click on the Match Virtual Icon to initiate the video call meeting. No download, no geographical limitations (yes we have rolled this out in China as well as in the Middle East). It can’t get any simpler than that.


Match Virtual is best used for fully virtual or hybrid event formats. If you are familiar with what we do, you’d know that this is just one small part of the entire event engagement ecosystem that supports Meeting Ratings, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and much more — our esteem partners and customers call it the Jublia’s Unified 360° experience.

  • Superior Security
    All information and access is encrypted using one of the highest industry Advanced Encryption Standards (AES-256) encryption algorithms — on top of which our entire setup is managed on a VPC within the AWS infrastructure, behind network firewalls.
  • Privacy & Anti-Spam
    We’ve designed the entire Match Virtual experience to be as private as possible. No, you cannot jump on any Video Meeting without mutual approval from both parties. We are all about quality 1-to-1 meetings because we know that quality would always trump quantity.
  • Monetisation
    We know that event organisers are finding it challenging to monetise in the digital space. This is something we’ve re-directed our focus on. There are currently more banner spaces and white labelling options, and on top of that, we’re developing additional data-driven monetisation capabilities. Stay tuned!

Speak to us!

Digitising your 1-to-1 meetings program but don’t know where to start? You don’t need to integrate with a million and one video conferencing tools if you don’t want to. We’re already helping some of the biggest trade shows and conferences get back to selling their meeting programs. Reach out to us anytime for a chat at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re familiar with!

Written By :
Chinab Chugh
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