Virtual Event Series (Part 7): Virtual Booths

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September 16, 2020

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Sep 16, 2020. We have since released an article diving deeper into the enhanced capabilities of our Virtual Booths. Our Virtual Booths now support videos, 360° panoramic images, slide shows and data visualisation. Click here to read more!


The past months have seen major changes in the way that events are organised. One of the biggest challenges faced is the ability to effectively promote Sponsors and Exhibitors throughout the Virtual event experience. This is such a difficult task because there is a fine line separating a non-intrusive discovery process versus a forced over-bearing one.

Event organizers are struggling to find the perfect (Virtual) balance that would allow key stakeholders to successful market their company’s services, at the same time, without over-promoting them to the other attendees to the point of annoyance. Cracking this problem would enable events to revive dying booth sales and even open an entirely new business model.

Jublia’s latest release aims to solve this pain point, and we’ve already seen great success in numerous projects that we’re partnering with. Presenting our rendition of Virtual Booths!

How It Works

Every event categorizes attendees into various tiers depending on importance, ticket price, sponsorship, booth package, content participation and more. For years, we have utilized this simple concept to engineer the best industry standards for business matching technology. Right now, we are employing this same concept to craft different degrees of how an attendee (in particular the company they represent) gets showcased.

While 1-to-1 meetings occur between two people, we know that the companies that they represent play a huge role in influencing interest and meeting fruition. Virtual Booths was design to provide organizers with the ammunition they need to attract Sponsors and Exhibitors in the digital domain. It gives selected organizer-chosen companies an exclusive space to market their products or services, very similar to how a physical booth would function. Within each Virtual Booth, organizers could limit the number of representatives as well as media showcases (e.g. Product Images or Product Videos).

This simple ability has been instrumental for many of our partners who were struggling with developing new monetization packages. Most importantly, we designed this feature to be un-intrusive (no one likes getting ambushed by pop-ups ever). Instead, the way we enhance promotion for these key stakeholders goes back to our fundamentals — relevant recommendations powered by our proprietary algorithm RevRank.

Speak To Us!

Our team is extremely excited with the release of Virtual Booths/Company Profiles. Especially so when we are seeing first-hand how empowering this new feature has been for our clients and partners. We’re still on a massive innovation drive and would love to hear how we can better solve the needs for your event. Speak to us anytime to learn more about your monetization opportunities with our latest release. Either drop us a note at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re familiar with. We hope to hear from you soon!

Written By :
Errol Lim
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