Virtual Event Series (Part 15): Agenda View & On-Demand Controls

Discover new ticket monetisation opportunities and curate personalised on-demand content with our latest features.
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July 8, 2021

Article actual date: Jul 8, 2021


Quality content is invaluable to event attendees. And even more so for virtual events — the industry is seeing organisers allocate an increasingly larger portion of their resources to curate top quality content to attract the attention of their participants.

As Jublia’s UI/UX team studied more in-depth on how an audience interacts with digital content, we found that virtual attendees demanded greater variability on the type of content (live streams, pre-recorded sessions with interactive Q&A, on-demand videos and topic recommendations) with more sophisticated controls over the format of content that they should view.

As such, we are excited to introduce two new agenda functions: Agenda View Control and Agenda On-Demand! Our latest innovations were built with the intention to grant organisers the ability to curate different levels of content access to different tiers of attendee groups across time. This has opened up a plethora of new discussions on content segmentation as well as conversations on fresh channels for ticket monetisation.

Agenda View Control

Most events provide a basic level of free content that is made available to all attendees. Although having a wider pool of free-to-watch content for the general audiences would be great for viewership and engagement metrics, our data shows that some premium sessions, classified by novel showcases and industry thought leadership speakers, should be catered to a focused group of attendees who have more premium content needs.

Agenda View Control empowers organisers to grant admission access to certain attendee groups, giving their content the flexibility to reach:

  • All the attendees (i.e. Main Planetary Session, Key Notes)
  • An exclusive segment of paid audience (i.e. Breakout Sessions, Invited Speakers), or;
  • An exclusively targeted invite-only group of audiences suited to the sponsored content (i.e. Product Launches, Innovation Showcases, Roundtables).

These added controls provide organisers with more design choices into the structure of their event content agenda.

On-Demand Control

The way we consume content has drastically evolved over the past few years. On one hand, with the pervasiveness of Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime as examples, people are demanding the freedom to consume content any time whenever they want to.

On the other hand, events being time-sensitive in nature require attendees to wholly reserve their attention to specific dates at stipulated timings. Our team wanted to give attendees the value of on-demand content that can be accessed at the ease of their schedule. We also wanted to inspire event organisers with the benefits of extending their event lifecycle made possible from a longer content engagement timeline.

On-demand sessions were built to activate a separate video content area within the agenda of any event. Coupled with the Agenda View Control function, organisers will be able to build their on-demand content around a multi-tiered access model, offering either all-access or varying premium content access to different defined groups.

With the prolonged lifespan of content availability, event organisers will be able to maximise the potential reach of their hard earned efforts while having live analytical insights on their content engagement during and even beyond the event duration. The possibilities are endless as organisers rethink their content creation and monetisation strategies.

Innovate your Agenda with New Controls

As leaders in event technology, Jublia strives to meet the needs of our global clientele with consistent innovations. With these latest content features, we are confident that you can go one level deeper to increase the relevancy and reachability of your content to the right audience. This would ensure that your content receives the attention that it deserves.

If you are interested to learn more about the Agenda View Control and On-Demand functions, feel free to speak to us at, or get in touch with anyone from Jublia that you know!

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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