Virtual Event Series (Part 4): B2B Chat for Events

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In this edition, we’re zooming in on how Jublia’s Messages Chat platform is built for unstructured networking, flexible multi-styled engagement, anti-spamming capabilities and superior attendee personalisation.

Chat works seamlessly across all your devices and doesn’t require any download.


Over the years, we’ve experienced several formats of written communication — from snail-mail to email and recently instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp and WeChat. As (new) Hybrid and fully Virtual Event Formats are being explored across the world, the old ways of written communication just aren’t cutting it. At Jublia, we’ve been hard at work to engineer Jublia’s Messages Chat to be our most sophisticated unstructured matchmaking / networking solution to date. Let's take a look!

How It Works

Jublia’s Messages Chat was developed for all Event Formats. It offers an easy, yet effective way to engage in unstructured business matchmaking. If you’re familiar with what we do, you’d know that this is just one small part of the entire event engagement ecosystem that supports everything from Meeting Ratings, AI-recommendations, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and much more. Basically, it works in three simple steps:

  1. Discover Who To Chat With
    Built from years of experience and thousands of events all across the world, our proprietary AI-recommendations engine, RevRank, will serve each attendee with their best potential matches. The in-house algorithm factors not only interests, keywords and product categories but also learns from each meeting that‘s successfully facilitated. This leads to minimal effort in setting up meetings.
  2. Send a Chat Request
    The platform is Anti-Spam, meaning both parties would have to mutually agree in order for a Chat to be initiated (no one likes receiving unwanted messages from unknown people). When sending a Chat Request, attendees are able to leave a short note to focus the upcoming discussion or even utilise some of the pre-fill tags. What’s more — the organiser can view real-time analytics of which attendees are engaged through our back-end analytics platform, Jublia Sense.
  3. Start Chatting!
    That's it! The attendees can now engage in Chat by text, voice and video, as well as showcase their products using our built-in sharing capabilities. Once the Chat is facilitated, participants will receive an email notification where a single click will take them directly to the encrypted Chat. No downloads required!

Unique Benefits

Jublia’s Messages Chat doesn’t limit attendees to a specific time and date and we recommend running this unstructured networking format for events that would benefit greatly from a more flexible networking style, especially for Virtual Event Platforms that span a period longer than 3 months. We‘ve also seen success with Hybrid Events implementing Chat as a way to continue to engage the audience post-event as we’re currently doing with a 6-month long trade show in the healthcare industry. If you’re not convinced yet — these are some additional benefits of using Jublia’s Chat:

  • The Ability To Share Files
    Some of the exhibitors we’ve worked with have expressed difficulties in showcasing their product using current Virtual platforms. Jublia’s Messages Chat was specifically engineered with this in mind and allows exhibitors to share their products, files, spreadsheets and images. If you’ve worked with us before you’d know that we utilise Advanced Encryption Standards (AES-256) encryption algorithms to keep data secure.
  • Reviving Business Namecard Exchanging
    One of the nifty features that we’ve added is the ability to send a digital name card. We miss the age-old business practice of exchanging name cards and we’ve decided to bring this experience into an attendee’s Virtual experience. Once the digital name card is downloaded, contact information will be saved directly into the users default contact book (i.e. Google Contacts, Apple Contacts etc.). We hope you love this special attention to detail that we’ve added, as much as we do.
  • Built-In Instant Video Calls
    With the click of a single button, attendees are able to create a fully encrypted video call. Yes — the platform supports screen-sharing and other features needed to facilitate a fruitful conversation. On top of that, attendees are able to leave meeting ratings which are fed directly into Jublia Sense, our back-end analytics platform. Best of all — the platform works seamlessly all around the world (even in places such as the UAE & China) and doesn’t require any download.

Speak to Us!

Looking to run unstructured networking for long engagement periods or simply looking to explore new formats? You don’t have to use clunky workarounds that weren’t made for B2B Events. We’re already helping some of the biggest trade shows and exhibitions get back to selling their meeting programs, and you can too. Reach out to us anytime for a chat at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re familiar with!

Written By :
August Astrom
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