Virtual Event Series (Part 6): E-Market Place

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August 26, 2020

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Aug 26, 2020. With our latest Match 360° PRO solution, we have since improved the E-Marketplace by allowing exhibitors to upload their own product media to encourage greater ownership of their virtual showcase. Click here to read more!


Since the onset of Covid-19, Virtual events have been the talk of the town as offline events were held to ransom. While B2B conferences and seminars have been making a relatively smooth transition to Virtual, the same cannot be said for trade shows. The value of trade shows revolves entirely around the in-person buying and selling experience. This includes showcasing products, engaging in live demos, and having impromptu interactions. This has been a challenge to replicate online. Our team at Jublia understands this need and we’re very happy to announce that we have a solution for you. We allow buyers to effectively search for a seller’s product through an e-market place experience. This Product View trade show experience is our latest update.

Our e-marketplace supports dynamic product view and description, and allows exhibitors to do online product showcases

How It Works

Once a buyer accesses the Jublia platform, they would be able to search for relevant exhibitors as well as relevant products to purchase. Within each exhibitor profile (to some better known as virtual booths/online booths), your attendees can now view in-depth information that would give them a better understanding of the products that your exhibitors are carrying. On top of which, we’ve also added the functionality to include video product ads and even live stream demonstrations.

Buying and Selling

We know that the ability to effectively buy and sell with others is the cornerstone of a successful trade show. Jublia supports and enhances this need with capabilities such as our proprietary 1-to-1 video meetings, unstructured chat, as well as (a newly developed) Hybrid event format setting (white paper to come in our next update). We’ve seen, through projects that we’ve worked with in the past three months that these functions have been very well-received and have helped exhibition organizers sustain value for both their buyers and sellers leading to continued business and participation at their events.

Hybrid Events Format

Amidst the uncertainty caused by the global health predicament, the events industry has accelerated its digital adoption and crafted new ways events will be hosted moving forward. From our analysis and conversations with the industry, we know that Hybrid events will be the new format and new normal for events all over the world in time to come.

Hybrid events have quickly gained traction with organizers looking to make a return to offline events. This month alone, we’ve worked on a few Hybrid events and we’re very excited to unveil what’s in stored for you in the coming edition.

Speak To Us!

We’d love to hear your problems and challenges when organizing a Virtual trade show. How are you effectively organizing hosted buyer events? How are you effectively allowing your exhibitors to promote their products? If you do not know where to start, we are here for you. Reach out to us anytime for a chat at or talk to anyone from our team whom you’re already familiar with!

Written By :
Chinab Chugh
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