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Shafira Amalia
October 19, 2023
Behind the Magic of Jublia AI Maps: Creating Interactive Event Floorplans

Unveiling advanced capabilities and enhancements in our Maps Cartography

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Indah Ariviani
March 2, 2023
Multiverse of Halls in a Venue with Jublia AI Maps

It’s a multiverse for your event venue but without the madness!

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Indah Ariviani
December 13, 2022
AI Maps on Web: An Integrated Map Experience Reimagined

Highly integrated AI-powered maps that paves the way forward for effective event engagement

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Indah Ariviani
December 8, 2022
How Tech Week Singapore Helped Attendees with Easy Onsite Navigation

When the right digital activations come together to personalize attendee experiences

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Shafira Amalia
July 13, 2022
Say Goodbye to Getting Lost: AI Maps For Your Event

Experience the most out of the event with easy navigation, all right at your fingertips

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Goh Bao Wei
July 27, 2021
Hybrid Series (Part 1): Picture-in-Picture & AI Driven Maps

Do more and see more with our new features catered specifically for hybrid landscapes.

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Errol Lim
February 17, 2020
AI-Powered Maps

Welcome to the Future

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