Multiverse of Halls in a Venue with Jublia AI Maps

It’s a multiverse for your event venue but without the madness!
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Turning a static floorplan into an interactive map only takes seconds with our AI. However, managing multiple halls in a venue is not just about making a map interactive. It is about connecting multiple hall maps within a venue map to enable the best interactive possibilities that maximize the attendee experience and not forgetting to keep the sanity of the organizers as they maintain it all.

We are glad to announce the next industry game changer for Jublia AI Maps: the Multihalls Mapping. Our engineers created this new addition to tackle the complexity of a vast event venue for a smooth-sailing live event experience for all stakeholders.

Multihalls Mapping to Solve the Puzzle of Venue Madness

Submitting the event floorplan during the planning process is a staple for the organizers and planners. It doesn’t take drops of sweat to integrate it within the event platform and – voila! – all the exhibitors and attendees could utilize it in a blink of an eye, making it less of a hassle no matter how big the venue is.

But it becomes a different story when an end-user intends to search directions to a specific location. It would cost them time and energy to navigate the venue due to the map's layout, such as the missing labels or markers of several booths.

Once again, this case cements the AI Maps’ position for live events as crucial infrastructure for onsite navigation.

Multiverse of Floorplan Types in a Single Venue

Let’s start this out simply. When you manage the floorplan for your event, no matter how big the venue is, it always appears as one map. Everything is fine when the floorplan is still plain, but once you need to update booth spaces and taggings, it’s where the problem starts.

It would take a lot of effort when the base map needs significant updates due to the complexity of the layout. We decided to divide the complexity to create a more convenient layout and maps management.

That is precisely the mantra behind Multihalls Mapping development that we proudly launch as a part of Jublia AI Maps. Multihalls Mapping is a helpful feature that differentiates an event venue into three types of maps: single hall map, venue, and hall maps within a venue. 

Single Hall Map is widely used in the event industry, which shows the overall venue condition and the halls inside. Thus, Multihalls Mapping breaks down the holistic map into smaller sections for easier management by the organizers.

Let's start with the plain venue floorplan where it all begins. This raw map covers all parts of the large venue occupied by an event with no detailed hall mapping.

It is then divided into sections as Hall Maps Within a Venue, an individual hall map inside the venue with more detail. This map can be managed separately, so when any change or update is needed, the other halls will not be affected. 

Easier Floorplan Management Resulting in a Smooth Users Experience

Creating different types of mapping makes it easier to provide easier management of halls and booths inside the venue. The event organizer has the full liberty to work on their event floorplan, such as dividing the halls themselves, labeling the booths, and giving a nice final touch with color-coded sections for a better user experience. 

The Game Changer: the Inter-hall Routing Across Maps

Even though the main floorplan is divided into hall maps, they are all interconnected on a venue map to ensure interactivity across the halls, not within the same hall only. This means that inter-hall mapping between the venue, hall maps within a venue, and single hall maps are possible, providing a first-class navigation experience an attendee could have during their onsite visitation.

For example, a user stands in Hall 8, and they have a scheduled meeting coming up in 10 minutes. Even if the meeting booth is located in Hall 16 — which is “outside” their current area, the map is able to provide them with the route. 

An Infinity Stone Added to Jublia AI Maps’ Glove

AI-powered maps is one of the heroes in a battle called onsite events. If you think that it only works as a personal navigation that guides you through every nook and corner of the venue, think about it again.

Through our recent Jublia AI Maps on Web release, we have become the first in the industry to bring out the functionality of AI-powered maps prior to event days. Now with the launch of Multihalls Mapping, we’re one step closer, especially since this feature is the first-of-its-kind that smoothens the onsite event journey for users.

As the Multihalls Mapping still bear the legacy of AI Maps as a dependable navigator, they will be able to move inside the hall and across halls within the same venue seamlessly. This feature works from pre-event period all the way to the D-days.

Try It Yourself!

Multihalls Mapping is available for free as a part of Jublia AI Maps within our Engagement Hub ecosystem. Talk to our Solutions Specialists to know more about it by dropping a message to and following our LinkedIn today to keep up with our future updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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