Match 360°: The Tailored Solutions for Perfect Event Networking

Forging business connection made simple by leveraging AI
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Business events are the epicenters of professional networking, where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, and new opportunities are discovered. The true magic of these events lies in the connections made between like-minded individuals, sparking collaborations that have the potential to shape the future. Match 360°, our AI-powered matchmaking platform, is here to ensure these connections happen seamlessly.

Match 360°: AI-Powered Matchmaking to Facilitate Attendees

As a crucial component of Jublia’s 360° Engagement journey, Match 360° harnesses the power of AI to transform pre-event networking from a guessing game into a strategic advantage. It offers several features to facilitate matchmaking:

  • Interest-Based Filtering

Powered by Jublia’s AI, Match 360° goes beyond simple profiles. Attendees receive personalized recommendations based on their professional interests, while smart filters allow them to refine their search by industry, job role, or even specific topics.

Jublia’s AI technology significantly boosts event engagement through these personalized recommendations, making sure that attendees interact with relevant content and individuals. At the core of our engagement hub, RevRank AI efficiently processes event data to provide organizers with actionable insights. This helps optimize attendee experiences and drive event success by fostering connections between like-minded professionals.

  • Pre-Event Meeting Setup

Attendees don’t need to wait until the event days to start building relationships. Match 360° empowers them to browse profiles, view mutual interests, and propose meetings with potential connections – all before the event begins. This streamlined approach allows attendees to hit the ground running and maximize their networking time. 

  • Meeting Table Selection

Gone are the days of scrambling between tables for each meeting. One of recent improvements from Match 360° makes meetings more convenient as it prioritizes attendees to stay at the same table throughout their scheduled meetings. This eliminates unnecessary movement and keeps the focus on productive conversations. Additionally, for organizers, it simplifies meeting management and allows tracking of attendees’ meeting history for better post-event analysis.

Empowering Attendees Through a Self-Serve Meeting Management

More than just facilitating connections, Match 360° also puts attendees in control of their event experience. During the event, they can manage their meetings independently for their convenience while still maximizing opportunities.

  • Cancel and Reschedule Meetings

Life happens and sometimes schedules change. With Match 360°, attendees can easily adapt without missing out on opportunities. This feature allows attendees to cancel meetings directly and reschedule with ease, ensuring flexibility and maintaining the flow of productive interactions. The other parties will receive real-time notification when there is any change in the meetings.

  • Customized Message Made Personal

Most of the time, a simple “cancel” doesn’t always suffice. That’s why Match 360° takes a step forward with its customized message feature. It enables attendees to provide a more personalized response for missed and rescheduled meetings, fostering stronger communications. For organizers, this personalized touch provides them with valuable context about the meeting outcomes. 

Data-Driven Reports to Analyze the Meetings at Events

Match 360° goes beyond matchmaking and facilitating networking – it also helps organizers to analyze and enhance meeting dynamics at the events. The data-driven reports provide a foundation for improving the networking experience. Here are the metrics that organizers need to pay attention to:

  • Attendance Report

Organizers can track exactly how attendees join meetings, whether through a colleague’s scan, lounge check-in, video meeting app, or other methods. This comprehensive data offers a detailed picture of meeting dynamics, helping to optimize future events.

  • Rate Meetings

Through this feature, organizers can gather direct feedback from attendees about the meetings, gaining valuable insights. This critical input is instrumental for organizers looking to refine and enhance their future event planning.

Leverage Match 360° for Your Events

Match 360° is more than just a matchmaking platform – it’s an intelligent digital ecosystem designed to empower both attendees and organizers. It transforms event networking from a hit-or-miss affair into a streamlined, efficient, and personalized experience. One of our clients experienced an excellent networking opportunity facilitated by Jublia through Nexticorn Summit last year.

By leveraging AI-powered matchmaking, attendees can make the most of their time at events, while organizers benefit from data-driven reports that provide actionable insights. With Match 360°, every connection made is an opportunity seized, paving the way for successful collaboration and future growth. Make sure every handshake at your event counts with Jublia Engagement Hub. Drop a message to our Solutions Specialists today and be the first to know about our latest updates by following us on LinkedIn!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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