How Tech Week Singapore Helped Attendees with Easy Onsite Navigation

When the right digital activations come together to personalize attendee experiences
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Dubbed Asia’s most important co-located business technology event, the grand return of Tech Week Singapore organized by CloserStill Media saw massive success. Taking place at the wonderful Marina Bay Sands, the ninth installment of the event gathered more than 22,000 visitors from technology leaders, key influencers, and buyers within the industry’s giants.

About Tech Week Singapore 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Tech Week Singapore finally returned with an ever-exciting in-person event. The high enthusiasm led to thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors from the industry’s big players like Huawei, Grab, Darktrace, NAVER Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and many more.

The event presented seven award-winning co-located events including Cloud Expo Asia, Data Centre World Asia, Big Data & AI World Asia, DevOps Live, Technology for Marketing Asia, and eCommerce Expo Asia. The success of the event was surely not an overnight magic — Jublia as the tech partner for the event has spent hours of hard work tailoring the solutions to meet the event’s needs.

Overcoming the Challenges Together

Jublia has a decade-long experience powering over 7,000 events across all formats worldwide, and each of them possessed its own unique challenge — not less for Tech Week Singapore this year.

These seven co-located events involved global teams, multiple vendors, and hundreds of sessions — which all need delicate attention to minimize issues and bugs that may arise.

The goal was clear from the beginning: to create a platform that enables users to plan their days at the event while making sure that business matching between VIPs, delegates, exhibitors, and trade visitors could run smoothly.

With thousands of tech sessions in 11 different theatres on site, it required a platform that can consume the details dynamically to bring together engagement and matchmaking under one roof. 

Jublia worked hand-in-hand with CloserStill Media in their European timezone to make it happen, which also involved training sessions provided by our Customer Success team, as the organizing team at CloserStill Media wanted to be familiarized with the platform itself. Working with a big, global team has always been a challenge — especially when they come from the other side of the globe. But the organizer’s cooperation and openness while taking our advice became key factors that made all the sessions enjoyable.

Rakim Asher, Senior Digital Strategist at CloserStill Media shares his positive experience in activating event digital values with Jublia.

Digital Co-Pilot That Enhances the Physicality Onsite

The biggest concern of any live events would be the onsite chaos, especially for several co-located events under Tech Week Singapore. This is the crack where the digital platform comes in: assisting the attendees in their content discovery without spending too much time figuring out who, when, and where to meet.

The native Branded Event App powered by Jublia allowed users to plan their agenda ahead of time, as well as set up meetings and bookmark the panels they’d like to attend. On D-day, the push notifications served as a reminder that ensured they wouldn’t miss anything.

Worth highlighting is the interactive floor plan that worked as a personal navigator for each user, enabling them to move conveniently across seven different sub-events and eleven theatres on the two floors of the venue.

The color-coded floor plan shows which booths belong to which events, helping attendees to not get lost inside the vast venue.

Hands-On Support by Our Crew Onsite

In addition to working hard behind the scenes, we also deployed our crew onsite to give attendees first-hand support in using the digital platform. Under the “Jublia Engagement Hub” signage booth, we were able to directly assist attendees with their digital tools, including sourcing and finding certain sessions or booths.

Jublia pays attention to every single point that makes up the event, from event planning with the organizer to friendly assistance to all end-users. This in-person assistance was a part of our onsite activation, which is the ultimate touch point to close the loop on our wholesome engagement hub experience. Through face-to-face interaction, the less digital-savvy attendees were able to gain the most out of their onsite visitation with a digitally enabled help desk onsite.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Tech Week Singapore recorded impressive numbers of engagement, showing how the event platform was effectively used by the attendees. Hundreds of content items were well-curated on our digital platform to make it easier for users to find sessions, panels, booths, and people that match their interests.

More importantly, users’ satisfaction levels were highly positive with their onsite visitation.

Plan Your Events with Us!

Our contribution to the success of Tech Week Singapore 2022 has proven the flexibility of our robust solutions, which cater to the event's needs. Working in tandem with the organizer and other vendors, this event has ended with a bang! You can also check some of our photos onsite here!

Harnessing our decade-long experience matching people and content in the industry, we always put our client's needs as a top priority because one event is not like the others. 

How far is the preparation for your events in 2023? Have a talk with our Solutions Specialists by dropping a message to to see what we can do, and follow our LinkedIn today to keep up with our future updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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