AI Maps on Web: An Integrated Map Experience Reimagined

Highly integrated AI-powered maps that paves the way forward for effective event engagement
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When you're going to travel somewhere, the first thing first would be finding a place to stay. We've been very familiar (and conveniently using) with accommodation listings and location previews on sites like Airbnb and Agoda, as it gives us more clarity about where we will stay and the lodging details.

If attending an event is like traveling, you should know where to go and take a glimpse of the venue where the event will be held. And it will be more convenient if you can set meetings in nearby booths, just like when you choose lodgings on your favorite accommodation search engine which is closest to your destinations.

Adopting the same manner, Jublia leverage our best-in-class AI technology to a broader use: inventing Airbnb-like, AI-powered maps specially made for events.

AI Maps on Web: An Industry Game-Changer with Airbnb-like Experience

After almost a year of returning to live events, we at Jublia find an interesting fact: finding specific locations in the venue is the #1 query for onsite attendees. Our AI-powered maps that is accessible through the Jublia App has been a big help for them to navigate their way around the venue and guide them to their meeting points.

However, AI maps can do much more than solely being a personal navigation tool for event attendees: it can help attendees days before when they have just started planning their agenda and securing meetings prior to event days. 

Adopting the Airbnb-like user interface and experience, Jublia releases AI Maps on Web as the first of its kind in the industry, a new technology that leverages AI maps in a way that has never been seen before for events.

As the name suggests, AI Maps on Web is the integration of Jublia’s AI-powered maps and web platform that allows attendees and stakeholders to start appreciating the physicality of the event space in the pre-event phase as they plan their time and focus on onsite visits. 

It enables organizers to label certain booths with a certain company from a self-serve backend management system which is highly modifiable and user-friendly.

The “Find Company Around Me” feature will help attendees to visualize the venue, thus smoothening the agenda-making process for them. Maps on Web show all the booth locations inside a venue so that attendees are able to arrange their meeting location-based, saving their time and energy to move around in between meetings.

Seamless Maps, Search, and Listings Integration for Convenient Usage

AI Maps on Web is built on the harmonious, seamless integration between maps, searches, and listings. That being said, the map reacts to actions on listings that enable it to provide full information about the booths in a single click.

Jublia is the first event tech provider that unites those three components together, taking things one step ahead of the semi-siloed use of maps and a static floorplan that doesn’t give out much to the attendees. 

It comes with a friendly interface designed to allow users to find relevant companies around them by navigating from Maps to Listings simultaneously. They can also locate all the meeting points beforehand, thus allowing them to arrange a more effective schedule for the day, time-wise and energy-wise.

Available for All Through the Public Hub

AI Maps on Web is also made available for all through Jublia’s Public Hub. Public Hub warms up interested visitors who are browsing the event content on the Hub and encourages them to register for your event, exposing them to full visibility of the platform, from content to the physical space.

With the release of AI Maps on Web, the audiences can not only go through all the agenda and companies the event offers, but also appreciate the physicality and activities around your event floor space.

End-to-End User Experience from Web to Event App

In creating our technologies, Jubila always puts clients’ interests at the top of our minds. The birth of AI Maps on Web begins with the flooding requests to bring Jublia’s AI maps functionality from the event app to the web platform. Supported by the data we have been gathering for the past three years on map usage gives us deeper insights to finally build AI maps on our web platform with its unique flavor to cater to pre-event engagement.

The launch of AI Maps on Web creates a wholesome end-to-end experience and engagement in all stages of the event lifecycle with Jublia AI maps, starting from pre-event to help users arrange a more productive event attendance and enhance the physicality to easy onsite navigation with the Jublia App.

Jublia AI maps works seamlessly regardless of the platform, be it on the web or the event app to generate the best value for your attendees and exhibitors alike.

Bonus: No Printed Maps Needed = More Sustainability and Less Cost

The extended usage of AI maps throughout the event lifecycle consequently costs you less and can help you plan your event on a slim budget. Printed maps are no longer needed for attendees onsite as they already have their personal navigator in hand. If creating a sustainable event is among your goals, AI maps can be the right digital tool that helps you to reach them.

Talk with Us!

The AI Maps on Web is now available for free as a part of our Engagement Hub. Talk to our Solutions Specialists to know more about it by dropping a message to and following our LinkedIn today to keep up with our future updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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