Say Goodbye to Getting Lost: AI Maps For Your Event

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After getting used to doing a lot of things online during the pandemic, the excitement for live events ran high. A lot of benefits present itself: face-to-face networking, small talks leading up to meaningful connections, and getting inspired by visiting the booth in person; something that we might lack from virtual events.

But amidst all the excitement of new opportunities, there’s chaos waiting to happen for organizers in such a short frame of time: making sure that the event runs smoothly, drawing in attendees, and showing what your event is all about. Not to mention, directing and guiding your attendees to get where they need to be and avoid the hassle and confusion from moving around in the venue. With so much information you want to give, how do we deliver it best so your attendees can experience the most of what you have to offer?

Well, remember that even the best explorers can get lost without their trusted maps.  In the same sense, utilize an event floorplan to best prepare attendees in exploring your event. Now equipped with improved features, you can easily navigate any live events with our AI powered maps! Before we dive in any further, we’d like to let you know that our AI Map is FREE to self-serve when using the Jublia Engagement Hub. We believe it will help you improve your event!

An Important Upgrade: How AI Maps Makes a Difference

The attendee's first step into the venue may be the most exciting part - yet the most confusing. Finding booths and sessions they have bookmarked beforehand might not be as easy as it seems. 

This is where AI Maps will save your day: Attendees can now better visualize the event layout before they even step into the venue. So that when they finally enter the venue, they would be able to find their booths or meeting points and easily move from one to another to best maximize their time!

Unlike static maps, AI Maps are designed to be interactive so attendees can find detailed information about your venue with just a click. It is also customizable for organizers so you can easily add or edit the information at any time. With extra time after finding the designated booths, they now have the chance to explore other things your event has to offer. After all, AI Maps are meant to ensure a smoother and more seamless navigation so that the attendees won’t miss out on much in the event. Let’s help them explore and discover so much more than just their bookmarked agenda so they experience it to the fullest!

Introducing The Three Es of the AI Maps Effect

To further imagine the benefits of having AI Maps in your event, we have compiled it into the Three Es of AI Maps.


Both organizers and attendees used to heavily rely on static maps on websites or even handed out paper maps in small pamphlets with little to no information for each session or booth. attendees are often left to face inconvenience, having to go back and forth between the event rundown and the map to find the session they were looking for. Well, say goodbye to the “old way of living”, because with AI Maps, your attendees can find out about everything your event offers with just a few taps on their phone. Not to mention, you can also spend less time and resources building these complicated and very detailed paper maps - likely to be trashed all over the place anyways - by letting our AI do the magic for you!


Attendees are prone to doubt, especially if they feel like there’s not much to get from an event. The AI Maps feature will allow you to list various activities attendees can take part in within a location, allowing them to attend multiple sessions and make the best use of their time during their time there. Increase the value of your event, it’s time to convince attendees that there’s much they can learn and experience from your event!


How many times have you gone to an event and seen a lot of paper littering around the event? How many times have you gone home with a stack of paper you no longer need and eventually throw away? It’s because an event usually requires a lot of paper: whether for leaflets or paper maps, contributing to the destruction of 4.1 million hectares of forest each year just to supply paper goods. You can do your part to save some resources and start being sustainable by implementing AI Maps to your event! With it, your attendees can access your floor plan and get all the information they need on the agendas in just one click.

The Portal to A Bigger World with Event Apps

With the benefits AI Maps offer for your event, you must be very intrigued in trying it out. Well in our Jublia App 3.0, it is free for you to try out! You can upload your static maps and let our technology design an interactive map for you. Our AI rendering engine will then smartly detect the booths, conference halls, and other points of interest from your venue. These are then linked back smartly to our Engagement Hub database of exhibitors and conference sessions. So now, you can access rich profiles when clicking on the maps.

The best part? It is also very customizable so you can change points of interest to highlight various things in the maps without much effort. Picture this: you can add every detail about each booth to let the attendees learn more before going. You can also help them discover other agendas available in the area to make the best of their time there.

Also, prepare to never miss a thing! As an integrated part of the native app ecosystem, you will always be notified of any actions or features you can explore in the maps. This will allow you to make the best guide possible for attendees! There will even be a reminder of the attendees’ bookmarked agendas and immediate directions to the location of the session to make sure your attendees get to it in time. No more missed opportunities, this is a perfect way to give a seamless event experience for your attendees. The magic of technology indeed!

Empower Your Live Event With AI Maps. It’s Just a Click Away!

Now that we know the power of AI Maps for Live Events, let’s make AI Maps a part of yours! Experience first-hand benefits of AI Maps and how effective and engaging it is for your event. At the same time, you can also experience our best solutions with Jublia’s Event App features, all tailored to your every need.

With over a decade of experience, discuss your floor plan ideas, event needs, and how AI Maps can empower your event even more. Drop us a message at or follow us on LinkedIn. You can also try out our feature by downloading Jublia App 3.0, click the links below!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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