Behind the Magic of Jublia AI Maps: Creating Interactive Event Floorplans

Unveiling advanced capabilities and enhancements in our Maps Cartography
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Events are a complex maze, and the unsung hero navigating attendees through is the event map. In the intricate dance of organizing successful events, the map is crucial for attendees to seamlessly explore every aspect. Jublia AI Maps ecosystem steps in as a robust solution, offering features to empower organizers and ensure that attendees wholesomely explore every part of your event to its full potential.

While it's vital for the map to be easy to read, it's equally important for it to be easy to create. This means not only making sure that your attendees can navigate smoothly around your events, but also ensuring that you can design it effectively and flexibly. Especially if you have larger event venues and multiple halls or locations

Understanding that one-size-fits-all doesn't apply to event maps, Jublia continually strives to enhance the core elements of every event. Resulting in the improvement of the Map Cartography. See how much easier you can create your masterpieces👇

Map Cartography: The Canvas for Event Creativity

Before we dive a little deeper, let’s understand more about Maps Cartography. It is a module within Jublia Sense (Our backend management system) that is dedicated to automating the creation of event maps through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In essence, it is the tool you use during the planning phase to create your event map. This becomes the driving force that empowers event organizers with advanced tools to design maps auto-magically and streamlines the often intricate map creation process.

Map Cartography not only reduces manual efforts but also serves as a user-friendly solution, providing a canvas for event planners to visualize and design spaces with efficiency and precision. This transforms the creative process, providing organizers with the means to translate their vision into tangible event spaces.

This automated prowess is the magic behind the Jublia AI Maps, a crucial infrastructure that solidifies the physicality of your event, and a product of your own creative touch.

Harnessing Our Advanced Mapping Tools

Check out the capabilities of our Map Cartography and see how you can reap the benefits!

  1. AI Magic - Your maps, intelligently transformed

Ever thought creating interactive maps was a daunting task? With Jublia, you just need to watch it all magically unfold. Just upload your existing static map and our AI does the rest with deep learning; detecting booths, areas, and turns it into an interactive marvel in a snap. You can even do this with multiple floorplans! It’s practically magic (minus the rabbits and the hats🐇🎩)

Our latest improvement sees a stitching color stream which gives a real-time update about your stitching process, whether it is still in progress, failed, or completed for each floorplan. It simplifies the floorplan progress checking anytime and anywhere without having to open the floorplan – improving visibility and transparency in the mapping process.

  1. Your own masterpiece – Customizable options everywhere

In every event, there must be a specific area that you’d like to highlight more and attract more attendees, like a facilitated meeting area or your sponsor's booth. You can choose to customize any part of your event map to make it shine!

It's akin to having your personal palette for customization without the unnecessary frills. The marker opacity slider becomes the secret ingredient, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touches to your map displays. Now, navigating through the event isn't merely a task; it's a visually enriched experience. Your attendees will effortlessly find their destinations, appreciating the thoughtful customization that reflects the essence of your event.

  1. The ultimate agenda visualization

Linking your booth or area to a specific agenda is more than a necessity; it's a game-changer. With this side-by-side interface seen above, we build a harmonious integration between maps, searches, and listings. This means, in one single click, your attendees can see the full information about the booths they’re interested in. This includes information about companies and agendas as well! It's a synergy of efficiency and convenience that uplifts the overall event experience.

  1. More goodies - finishing touches and beyond

Our commitment to your user experience reaches new heights in this latest version. The map upload, resize, and adjustment process has undergone a transformative evolution. Jublia AI Maps engine now takes the reins, automating these steps with precision. This not only reduces manual work but also streamlines the overall workflow, ensuring a smoother journey for event organizers.

Previously located in the floorplan detail, we’ve relocated the display name and overlay color settings to the venue marker directly. This smart move simplifies user understanding and configuration, making the whole process more intuitive and user-friendly. Because, in the end, we believe that creating extraordinary event maps shouldn't feel like a task but rather an exciting part of the event planning journey.

Mastering the Event Maze

At the end of it all, we’re back to the understanding that the process of designing event maps is not to be overlooked – it needs to be well thought out. As attendees dive into the onsite whirlwind, where every moment pulses with energy, time becomes a prized commodity as they dash between booths, sessions, and meeting areas. Everything will seem to be happening everywhere and all at once. 

With this, the role of maps in onsite/live events is not merely about guiding; it's about optimizing the limited time available to ensure that attendees can achieve their goal within the constraints of time and physical space.

That is why, the key to efficiency actually kicks off before you even step into the event arena, which is with pre-event planning. With this, your attendees become seasoned explorers, charting their course with precision knowledge and ensuring they don't miss any of the event's captivating moments.

Hall of Masterpieces: Some of Our Clients’ Exploration with Our AI Maps

Now that we've explored the 'what' and 'why,' let's dive into the 'how.' Get ready to draw inspiration from real events that have seamlessly integrated Jublia AI Maps. These success stories showcase the tangible benefits, from effortless navigation to personalized experiences. 

  1. The swift AI-powered mapping to perfection with MFT 2023

Organizers Messe Düsseldorf Asia (MDA) trusted Jublia to power the 10th edition of Thailand's leading medical and healthcare exhibition: Medical Fair Thailand 2023.

Bringing together 800 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions, our AI seamlessly transformed their static map into an interactive marvel in mere seconds. Detecting all booths and key areas of the event with a remarkable 95% completion rate, and left room for just the slightest finishing touches.

This not only streamlined navigation but elevated the overall attendee experience, showcasing the synergy between technology and healthcare innovation.

  1. Navigating your way throughout the large Saudi Food 2023 venue with ease

At The Saudi Food Show, Jublia AI Maps bring the best discovery experience in the culinary odyssey. With 30,000 visitors, 500 exhibitors, and 93 countries represented, our AI-powered maps became the beacon, effortlessly guiding attendees from one global flavor to another. In this culinary haven, Jublia AI Maps emerged as the trusted guide, transforming the event into a seamless navigation experience.

Check out this video of our Chief Operations Officer (COO), Errol Lim, demonstrating how one can navigate from one point to another in Saudi’s largest food show:

Talk to Us!

In conclusion, our AI Maps don't just guide; they orchestrate seamless event experiences. And crafting extraordinary event maps shouldn’t just be a task; it's an exciting part of your event planning journey.

With over a decade of experience in empowering events, let Jublia be your partner in transforming your vision into reality—creating events that resonate, captivate, and leave a lasting impact.

Discover more on how we can help by talking to our Solution Specialists at or follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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