Jublia App 3.0: Digital Guide to Your Smart Event Discovery

After months of research and hard work, we proudly present Jublia Super App!
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June 20, 2022

The return to live events emphasizes the importance of digital platforms. Creating a digital ecosystem around live events brings many benefits to the table: from lengthening the event lifespan, making pre-event and post-event engagement possible, to facilitating organizers to make data-driven decisions.

And if a digital platform is the path to empower your live events, an event app is the navigator that allows you to travel faster.

Digital platform allows you to increase attendee engagement leading up to the event and build excitement prior to the event dates. While event app is a digital planner that allows you to know what is happening every time, in real-time.

Event App As a Digital Co-Pilot That Benefits Both Ends

Let’s say you are traveling for a holiday in the near future. Before you go, you will plan your itinerary in advance, including what you want to do and where you want to go. The same behavior is seen when you are attending a live event. 

Behind all the excitement of going back onsite to attend events physically, there is a blindspot that one cannot overlook: the hassle that everyone must go through. When somebody attends an event, they have to find the booth of their meetings, move to another location for the next sessions, and make sure that they are heading the right way.

Without the assistance of digital tools, all of those processes will be time-consuming and only result in exhaustion at the end of the day. This is where the event app comes in: as the digital co-pilot that helps attendees navigate through the event venue for a more fruitful and authentic experience for each of them.

Just like how you plan for your holiday, the event app lets you plan your event attendance as much as possible. You know who to meet, what sessions to attend, and which direction you should go so that your event experience at the live event is efficient, maximized, and productive.

On the organizers’ end, an event app is highly capable of capturing data throughout the event, which can be used by organizers to monitor their event in real-time, obtain live feedback from their attendees, and measure their satisfaction. 

Jublia App, a Branded Smart Event Discovery on Your Fingertips

Nowadays, life is becoming more convenient and efficient thanks to mobile devices. We can access everything at our fingertips, everywhere, and every time. The same thing goes when attending a live event. Imagine being able to exchange messages, finding the direction to certain booths, and having all activities planned for the day. It gives you an authentic event experience from which you can gain the most out of your attendance. An event app not only brings convenience to event attendees but also a one-stop for everything related to the event, providing an integrated marketing channel for the event.

Jublia’s event app is tailored to cater to each of the attendee's needs, ensuring they have an authentic event experience while reflecting the best of your brand. Since the beginning of 2022, our brilliant engineers have been working on improving the app to present you the Jublia App 3.0.

The newest version of the app comes with a number of enhanced features that are deeply designed for simplicity and empowered by AI recommendations for smart event discovery.

What’s New on Jublia App 3.0

Let’s dive deeper into what Jublia App 3.0 has to offer!

Improved UI/UX

Our app now appears with a cleaner look and improved features for a more personalized event experience. Coherent design styles are applied throughout the app, much to users’ delight. 

The buttons are also made more prominent for a better user experience, as well as haptic feedback on bookmarking exhibitors and favoriting sessions to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Jublia App 3.0 is also equipped with real-time responses to let users know when they make mistakes, such as entering the wrong passcode and getting disconnected from the network suddenly.

Agenda Recommendations

Find personalized recommendations specially made for you based on your interests. You can update it at any time and let our AI Matchmaking works to give you more relevant content recommendations.

Interactive Floorplan

Navigating inside the event venue has never been more convenient with our AI-powered interactive floorplan. Move between meetings and sessions smoothly without having to worry about getting lost. And the good news is that you can locate meetings directly from the “My Profile” page on the app.

Push Notifications

The upgraded push notifications page allows you to tap on more details about each message you receive. This feature ensures you do not miss any schedule, keeping you updated with the newest event-related information, and tapping on the pre-event, during, and post-event engagement.

Offline Mode

Being in the middle of the crowd may cause some issues to your network. Sharing the WiFi with so many people results in an unstable connection, not to mention the data charges if you decide not to use the WiFi. Also, with the reopening of international travel, there might be attendees who are not connected to the internet.

Some attendees prefer to truly feel the in-person experience when they attend live events, thus they choose to go offline and follow the schedule they have arranged in advance.

Therefore, Jublia App 3.0 enables “Offline Mode”, in which you can still access your favorite sessions and bookmarked company through your profile page. This is very instrumental in allowing attendees to fulfill their different wishes.

In-app Messaging

Interact, make an appointment, and arrange 1-1 meetings more conveniently and faster right from your hand, anywhere and anytime. Through our in-app messaging, you can now exchange messages efficiently.

1-1 Meetings

Jublia App 3.0 facilitates better networking opportunities in 1-1 meetings. You can schedule your meeting at available times in your preferred location and methods: either onsite meetings, virtual, or messaging. If you choose to have a virtual meeting, you can access our Video Meeting App (VMA) directly through the event app.

Grab Your Own Smart Event Discovery Now!

Digital platforms remain an important element to bring your event to success. It benefits all the involved stakeholders and helps them to gain the most out of their event participation. In this system, the event app serves as the icing on the cake that complements everything.

At Jublia, we strive to empower your live event digitally through DigitaLIVE. With almost a decade of experience in connecting people and content, our best-in-class solutions are tailored specifically to cater to your events’ needs.

Drop a message at or follow us on LinkedIn to grab your own passport to smart event discovery today.

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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