Jublia Scan: Smart Capture with Leads Intelligence

Score your leads and access the AI-powered interaction history, all with intelligence
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Between picking out the venue to making the rundown, another most important thing to always be wary of is how to enhance the experience for all the stakeholders involved - event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

Here’s where potential consumers’ data, better known as leads, plays the part. With lead data, organizers, and exhibitors can learn valuable insights such as the attendees’ interests, behavior, and which products match them most. With this, both organizers and exhibitors can track their high-quality leads and take on a more personalized approach to follow up to these attendees. By analyzing this data, you can come up with a strategy in a short amount of time, generate more sales, and ensure a successful event for everybody involved. But how do we capture this data in the most efficient way? 

Capture, Score, Export: Introducing Jublia Scan

We have come a long way from heavy bags: attendees no longer have to stuff their bulky business cards and CVs, while companies can say goodbye to carrying around pages of product brochures, company profiles, and hours of going through all kinds of information just to determine who to follow up and what to promote.

With this, we are proud to present the AI-powered Jublia Scan! Designed specially to help all stakeholders make the best out of events by tracking their quality leads just a scan away.

Jublia Scan is a brand new feature added to our Jublia App 3.0 that can enhance onsite networking and matchmaking journey. It encourages lead generation for more fruitful event participation among all stakeholders involved, making sure that anyone can come out of the event feeling inspired and well-connected.

This intelligent tool also helps organizers easily measure their event success metrics and validates your exhibitor’s ROI. Furthermore, it helps organizers support your exhibitors in gathering rich data points to plan out a good strategy to generate more sales.

Empower Your Live Event with Our Smart Scanner

How can Jublia Scan help enhance your event experience? Let’s dive deeper into this!

AI-powered lead scoring to track quality leads

Conveniently scan your attendees’ visitor badge to get their profile information and let our AI automatically score your leads according to the lead temperature: hot, warm, cold. With this, you can determine your quality leads to follow up and drive more sales to your product.

Access your previous interaction history with the scanned attendees to provide a more enhanced networking experience and get a high engagement experience in return.

Integration with your products for accuracy on your leads’ interests

Our Scan also integrates your products to the lead data collection. So, as soon as you scan and score the leads, you can also see which product of yours they’ve taken an interest in and has interacted with. You can even add notes to your scanned leads to later reflect on.

Access real-time analytics

Your exhibitors can experience real-time access to analytics generated with Scan activities. You can also choose between two sections: Me and My Company so you can track all your Scans and also your company’s overall analytics performance.

Export quality leads data at any time

We have a highly flexible interface for organizers to custom what their exhibitors can export based on the robust event attributes. This helps make sure that your users can have more data at hand to analyze their scanned leads beyond just the basic information. We are all for helping your exhibitors get the best value out of the leads they scanned at your event.

No internet? No problem! Jublia Scan is available in Offline Mode

We know how much of a hassle it is to attend an event only to find out that you have no internet connection there. Well, no need to worry because Jublia Scan is available to access any time with Offline Mode. You can conveniently store all of your Scan data locally until you’re able to sync it. This way, you’ll never lose a single data point!

Take Your Leads Data Collection to a Whole New Level

As an engagement hub, not only do we hope that our newest Jublia Scan feature can help you generate more leads and ensure a fruitful event for all stakeholders, we also hope that it can help enhance your live event’s engagement and networking journey. Making sure that everyone can make the most out of the event.

We also believe that it’s the organizers and exhibitors full rights to scan their potential customers’ badges to cater to their needs, that’s why Jublia Scan is free to use for your event!

Drop a message at to grab your own solution for an intelligent lead scanner or follow us on LinkedIn for more updates!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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