High Fulfillment Rate of Business Meetings at Three Co-Located Trade Shows

A case study on Singapore Gifts & Premium Fair, Office Expo Asia, and Printpack + Sign
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Asia’s three remarkable trade shows organized by Constellar – Singapore Gifts & Premium Fair (SGPFair), Office Expo Asia, and Printpack + Sign – made their triumphant return to the live events arena this year after their last edition in 2019. These events were co-located and took place from March 20th to 22nd, 2024, at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Drawing the attention of approximately 8,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors eager to engage in direct conversations, this event also contributed to another milestone in the partnership between Jublia and Constellar. Our collaboration, which has seen success in previous events such as Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2022, continues to flourish.

Powering Direct Interaction with Pre-scheduled Meetings

From the outset, the primary objective of these events was to facilitate meetings between buyers and exhibitors, aiming to maximize business outreach and revive face-to-face engagement. This underscored the critical need for robust digital solutions to enable attendees to send meeting requests prior to the event.

However, after the events’ nearly five years of absence from the event landscape, a new challenge emerged: adapting to digital solutions. During the planning phase, concerns arose on the organizer’s side regarding platform adoption.

Thanks to the exceptional collaboration between Constellar and Jublia, the digital platform was successfully launched three weeks before the event. Remarkably, within just one week of its release, exhibitor adoption reached an impressive 50% mark.

Fostering Meaningful Connections through Digital Solutions

Amidst the vibrant array of booths on the exhibition floors, cultivating connections with the right individuals for potential future partnerships was a key highlight not to be overlooked. Consequently, Constellar, as the organizer of these events, emphasized the significance of facilitating meetings between attendees, particularly in the lead-up to the event.

The swift adoption and optimal utilization of digital solutions by the attendees yielded fruitful results, with more than 4,400 meeting requests and a fulfillment rate exceeding 70%. Additionally, the scans conducted by attendees served as further evidence of business connections initiated at the events.

Beyond impressive numbers and alignment with the organizer’s goals, the meeting statistics further exemplified the events' value as a reliable platform to foster long-lasting business partnerships. Additionally, they solidified the positive impacts of the digital solutions, enabling organizers to track both the number of meetings requested and those successfully conducted. This capability provided invaluable insights into the effectiveness of the events in facilitating meaningful connections between attendees.

Color-Coded AI Maps Interface for Smoother Navigation

Meeting was not the only aspect that the organizer paid attention to in this event. As it hosted hundreds of exhibitors, seamless wayfinding for attendees became another necessity. Moreover, with three concurrent events taking place in the same hall, attendees could easily become disoriented, leading to wasted time and energy navigating the space.

To address this challenge, they leveraged the features provided by Jublia AI Maps. Different color codes were assigned to booths to indicate which event they belonged to. This simple yet effective system allowed attendees to easily locate their bookmarked companies or any other destination they had in mind in advance, guided by the distinct colors.

ROI Boost 101: Jublia Scan Monetization

Equipping the events with the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by Jublia Engagement Hub unlocked numerous monetization opportunities. The organizers of these events ingeniously utilized Jublia Scan as a key strategy to enhance their return on investment (ROI).

The Scan feature was offered as an exclusive package accessible only to select exhibitors, ensuring that not all participating exhibitors could utilize it to generate leads. This strategic approach demonstrated how Jublia's digital solutions empowered organizers to maximize their ROI by leveraging the digital features tailored for events.

Over the three-day event, more than 1,500 scans were recorded, demonstrating attendees' success in forging valuable business connections, in alignment with the event's core values and objectives.

Building Digital Ecosystem with Jublia Engagement Hub

The essence of a successful event lies in seamlessly addressing every attendee's needs, and Jublia Engagement Hub stands as the cornerstone of this endeavor. From easily scheduling meetings in advance to fostering new connections through Scan and navigating the venue smoothly with AI maps, Jublia ensured that every aspect of the event experience was meticulously catered to. This comprehensive digital ecosystem not only enhanced attendee satisfaction but also underscored the importance of selecting the right tools to meet the diverse requirements of any event.

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Partnering with Constellar for Singapore Gifts & Premium Fair, Office Expo Asia, and Printpack + Sign has been an honor for us. Our Engagement Hub provides a digital ecosystem with highly flexible and adaptable features to meet your event’s needs. 

Find out what our Engagement Hub can do to your dreamed event by dropping a message to our Solutions Specialists and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with our recent updates and insightful content!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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