The Digital Prowess Behind Industrial Transformation APAC 2022

A case study on Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022
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March 16, 2023

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) – a HANNOVER MESSE Event returned for its 5th edition! It was held at Singapore EXPO from 18 to 20 October 2022. Organized by Constellar, ITAP provided a platform that helped build a professional community among Industry 4.0 practitioners. Under the “Industry 4.0 for Business Sustainability” theme,  276 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions worldwide participated in this 3-day event. The event was also attended by 15,000 people, showing its global importance, with notable keynote speakers from various fields worldwide leading the conference sessions onsite.

Jublia Engagement Hub was appointed the tech platform partner for this global-scale event.

Jublia Engagement Hub for ITAP

Engagement has been the ultimate goal for ITAP since the first day of the event planning. The organizer wanted to make sure that the digital platform of the event is capable of complementing the onsite physical face-to-face networking and engagement. Thus, the existence of digital solutions could make it easier and more effective for people to arrange meetings and, more importantly, meet the right people.

To say that ITAP has been a massive success is an understatement. Numbers-wise, the event has proven that it could provide its attendees with the best thing they expect from the onsite visitation: an authentic experience. A combined total of 50,000 logins to the event platform were recorded from the web app and branded native event app. The number showed how reliable the platforms were for attendees to help them navigate the event.

One of the main agents of change in ITAP was the event app that affected all the stakeholders’ onsite experience positively. It served as their own personal digital assistant that not only sent notifications frequently but also helped them to arrange meetings with the right people, navigate their way through the vast venue, and get reminders of their upcoming schedule.

ITAP did more than facilitate the onsite attendees. As a hybrid event, the organizer gave full access to the virtual attendees through RTMP onto Jublia’s live streaming platform, which is equipped with tools to enable two-way interactions with Q&As, Chats, Reactions, and many more. All of those were created to provide a joyful experience for virtual attendees close to the onsite ones. Jublia’s system recorded a total of 300 minutes of virtual sessions during three days.

However, this success was not an overnight magic. It was a result of the collaborative process backed by digital technologies tailored to meet the event’s needs, which started on the day Constellar and Jublia partnered to build the event platform.

Throughout the event lifecycle, Constellar did all they could to educate the exhibitors to improve their capabilities in utilizing the platform and constantly checked the exhibitors’ engagement progress to help them reach their goals. Meanwhile, Jublia actively monitored the event analytics and took necessary actions to drive engagement.

Taking all these together, Constellar effectively assisted all of their ITAP exhibitors — as well as attendees — to create a fulfilling event experience with the help of a digital co-pilot, Jublia Engagement Hub.

Jublia Scan for Effective Lead Generation

With engagement as the main focus during the event planning, Jublia specially deployed an entire ecosystem toward this goal. Meeting requests (either sent or received) and the number of meetings fulfilled were essential core metrics to measure the engagement.

Other than that, ITAP also utilized Jublia Scan to facilitate all exhibitors in finding potential leads for their companies. In an event labeled as a global-scale exhibition and trade fair, Scan became a vital tool to ensure that all the event stakeholders wouldn’t get back home empty-handed.

With the tool comfortably accessible through the branded ITAP event app, an average of over 3,700 scans were made per day with AI-powered automated categorization of hot, warm, and cold leads. Therefore, establishing ITAP's position as the first event held by Constellar in collaboration with Jublia to have phenomenal lead generations of 11,000 scans with a 70% adoption rate from exhibitors.

Furthermore, the scan data exported to the organizer helped in giving them more profound engagement insights into the interaction between the stakeholders. This export flexibly met Constellar’s requirements, hence providing solid evidence of the exhibitors’ engagement throughout the event.

The detailed Scan data is a part of the event data story. In the true motto of Jublia, our analytics across the broad spectrum of engagement — secure meetings, lead generations, content discovery, and wayfinding through the AI maps — helps organizers to remain broad and sharp in their analysis, just like an owl.

Reaching the Same Destination Through Different Paths

Behind ITAP's jaw-dropping records is an important value that brings home the event's primary goal: an ROI-driven attendee engagement experience.

It is of no surprise that each attendee attends a trade event to tackle parts of their organization’s marketing and sales funnel. Hence the event engagement strategy must focus on allowing them to efficiently contribute to their funnel and leave the event satisfied that their attendance goals are met.

This was what was achieved at ITAP and measured through our backend, Jublia Sense. The organizer was able to analyze the exhibitors’ engagement types based on their activities. For example, an exhibitor was inclined toward lead generation, but another stood out on business matching and meetings. While others might be chasing for brand awareness. The ability to be aware of how an attendee behaves in the event enables the organizer to better create products that suit individual business needs.

Creating a Greener Impact Through Digitalization

According to the pre-event media release by the organizer, it was stated that one of the main key dimensions of the event is Environmental Sustainability measures to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

ITAP actually walked the talk through the digital platform they built together with Jublia.  The digital solutions were able to enhance the physicality of the onsite attendees and at the same time helped the event to take a step forward to sustainability. 

Digitalization managed to seep into every single element of ITAP. Starting from promotional and marketing materials that exhibitors conducted prior to the event to the meeting management. Jublia Sense allowed them to manage and monitor all meetings online, instead of having them printed. 

Onsite attendees could also expand their network more conveniently through digital name cards, leaving the stacks of the paper version behind. 

The event app also contributed to the environmentally friendly aspect by serving as the content house, where exhibitors stored all the event-related information and enabled real-time access. Last but not least, the interactive maps also helped attendees to navigate the venue more effectively. 

Talk with Us!

Partnering with Constellar for the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) – a HANNOVER-MESSE Event has been an honor for us. Entering our first decade in the industry, Jublia remains committed to being an Engagement Hub that continues to innovate.

Our adaptable and flexible solutions will make your events reach their own version of perfection this year. Find out what our Engagement Hub can do to your dreamed event by dropping a message to our Solutions Specialists at Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with our recent updates and insightful content!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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