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September 21, 2023

After the cheers have faded and the crowds have dispersed, what's next on your to-do list? Is it the thrilling task of following up with potential leads, gauging the exponential growth of brand awareness, or perhaps dissecting the intricate layers of overall engagement? Whatever your objectives as an attendee may be, there's one universal truth that every event enthusiast shares: the insatiable hunger for data. But here's the catch – this invaluable data often scatters like stardust across the digital galaxy, making it feel like an eternity to gather, compile, and analyze.

We understand the challenges that can arise when dealing with post-event data. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to create a solution aimed at simplifying your post-event data management. Introducing our latest release, Performance Snapshot!

A Shortcut to the Event Data Destination

When it comes to event participation, the investments made are significant, and naturally, attendees expect a rewarding experience. It's not just about chasing ROI or financial gains; it's about harnessing the power of data to measure the true impact of your recent event involvement. This data serves as both a valuable benchmark for evaluating the present and a sturdy foundation upon which to build future event strategies for attendees.

Performance Snapshot emerges as a valuable tool, streamlining the post-event data collection process and making it transparent for attendees. This efficiency grants them the precious gift of time spent at an event, enabling them to focus more on formulating post-event strategies and making the most of their engagement data following the event's conclusion.

The magic of Performance Snapshot lies in its ability to create a personalized experience for each attendee type. An exhibitor will see insights and data relevant to their leads velocity and quality, sponsored content adoption, brand awareness, and many more; while a delegate will receive insights which provide a wholesome summary of their event experience. This level of personalization empowers attendees to make data-driven decisions that align with their goals.

Beyond customization, Performance Snapshot delivers detailed statistics that are both comprehensive and easy to digest. This ensures that attendees receive a holistic view of their event experience, complete with key metrics and performance indicators that matter most to them.

Reap the Benefits!

Performance Snapshot delivers a host of benefits to its stakeholders:

  • Consolidated data report: Attendees will find a valuable ally in Performance Snapshot. It consolidates essential data into a single, user-friendly page. No more hunting through multiple sources; all you need to do is scroll to explore the wealth of data from your event participation. It's a seamless and efficient way to access critical information.
  • Tailored insights: One of Performance Snapshot's standout features is its ability to provide distinct forms of insight for each role within the event ecosystem. Whether you're an exhibitor, a delegate, a speaker, or have another role, it relevantly calibrates the insights you will receive. 
  • Data sharing made simple and secure: Performance Snapshot also redefines how organizers share data with attendees. It offers a convenient and secure method to disseminate information while ensuring stringent privacy and data security standards are met. This marks a significant stride toward enhancing transparency and engagement within the event community.

What Performance Snapshot Has in Store

Performance Snapshot encompasses a wealth of engagement data, and its true potential shines once a user completes their review. Let's take a closer look at what this feature has to offer:

Audience demographics and profile views

Inform users about how their profile garners attention and the demographic spectrum of those who share a keen interest in them. This insight will be available as soon as the event is over. 

Interaction and conversation

Tracking the number of chats and meetings an attendee engages in during the event, which will allow attendees to measure the effectiveness of their meeting requests and track the conversion rate as well.


Presenting the complete analytics of all sessions sponsored by the attendee’s company, giving more insights into the impact of the sponsorship.


Scan reports are available for lead scanners, with download permissions exclusively granted to administrators. 

Talk to Us!

In essence, Performance Snapshot is not just a data tool; it's a dynamic platform that understands the diverse needs of event stakeholders and caters to them individually, making every event interaction more insightful and meaningful. 

For a deeper dive into the possibilities and to explore how Jublia Engagement Hub can be finely tuned to align with your event's specific demands, we invite you to engage in a conversation with our Solution Specialists. Discover how this versatile platform can be customized to not just meet but exceed your event's expectations, ultimately contributing to its resounding success!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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