Impressive Digital Adoption at FHA Food & Beverage 2023

The event’s success story with Jublia Engagement Hub
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FHA-Food & Beverage returned to business in the first half of 2023 and took place at the Singapore EXPO from 25th to 28th April. This highly-anticipated event in the industry attracted over 1,300 exhibitors from approximately 45 countries and featured 68 group pavilions. The event garnered significant attention from industry stakeholders and enthusiasts, as evidenced by the presence of over 50,000 attendees at the venue.

Jublia Engagement Hub was trusted as the digital platform to empower one of the largest trade shows in Singapore.

Brilliant Endeavors That Boost Feature Adoption

Having all-enhanced and sophisticated digital solutions for an event does not guarantee its success without proper adoption,  and the FHA organizer was well aware of this fact. 

Informa Markets Asia, as the organizer, advocated a series of strategies to promote the usage of engagement modules available for the events. These efforts aimed to provide an authentic onsite experience for event stakeholders and ultimately boost the adoption rate.

In addition to public promotion through their website and social media, the organizer also actively embarked on promotional EDMs and provided active onboarding by the event concierge over personal emails.

The hard work paid off, as the event achieved impressive numbers in terms of impressions for the People, Company, and Platform categories. This includes the usage of both the Web App and Native App by all registered users. Furthermore, the high level of user satisfaction speaks volumes about the event's success.

Integration Between Digital Platform and Event Elements

Informa Markets Asia placed a strong emphasis on matchmaking for the event, with content and native app adoption following closely. To deliver maximum value to all stakeholders, FHA embraced the full suite of Jublia's Engagement Hub platforms and modules, meticulously customizing each solution to align with the event’s unique requirements. 

We wholeheartedly supported the organizer’s efforts by offering digital enhancements to enrich the onsite experience. This entailed seamless integration with multiple third-party entities to ensure the smooth functioning of all the solutions.

At Jublia, we are steadfast in our commitment to building digital tools toward our core belief in DigitaLIVE;  in every live event, technologies should not function simply as extensions but as integrated parts of the event experience. This methodology aligns with the key focus for the organizing team of FHA:

Commitment to Sustainability with Digital Badge

Aligned with Informa Markets’ commitment to sustainability, a digital badge was used throughout the event. The badge was not only sent to the email of the attendees but also conveniently integrated into both the Web and Native Apps of the event. This provided seamless paperless check-in for all attendees and acted as a digital name card for onsite lead retrieval via Jublia Scan for the exhibitors.

Jublia AI Maps Interconnecting All the Digital Functions

AI Maps is purpose-built as a digital infrastructure that assists users in navigating the event venue on event days. With the introduction of AI Maps on Web in the last quarter of 2022, followed by Multi Halls Mapping earlier this year, Jublia has expanded its usability beyond the map(s) itself. It now enables direct and integrated access to AI Maps from other engagement modules, such as Meetings, Exhibitors/Products/People profiles, and Bookmarked Sessions.

All of these functions were applicable to FHA and served as digital tools to bring the event closer to its goals. The AI Maps worked exceptionally well on the web platform, which was primarily accessed before the event by attendees to plan their meetings. Users could easily locate booths through the maps-to-listing interface and arrange their schedules more effectively throughout the day.

When the event started, the Native App played an essential role as the digital co-pilot, working alongside the integrated AI Maps. It provides a seamless user experience as all booth, session, and meeting locations are tied to Maps, enabling users to swiftly locate specific areas from their current spot. The “Locate” button on all sessions or the booth’s profile card provides direct access to wayfinding.

FHA also utilized Multi Halls Mapping, the newly-released feature of Jublia AI Maps designed to distill the chaos of a large-scale venue. Attendees were able to view specific hall maps according to their needs during their onsite attendance, as well as conveniently wayfinding across the halls on the unified venue plan. 

Talk with Us!

We are honored to be trusted by Informa Markets for FHA Food & Beverage 2023! As we enter the first decade in the industry towards our vision of empowering event organizers to connect people and content at their events, we are glad to bring the best DigitaLIVE performance to their events. Most importantly, helping them reach their event goals with the assistance of purpose-built technology remains our primary motivation and topmost priority as we continue to evolve our solutions.

Jublia Engagement Hub offers a full stack of modules that operates across every audience touch point; flexible and adaptable to cater to every event's needs. Take a further look at how our digital solutions worked in various types of events and find out what our engagement hub can do for your next events by reaching out to our Solutions Specialists today!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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