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January 6, 2014

Actual article date: Jan 6, 2014

It’s not often that I’m brimming with excitement over something. But the latest end-to-end networking solution for event organisers that we have created has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and our team has been more super charged then ever to convey and share how Jublia is solving real networking problems at events.

Before 2013 ended, we went back to the drawing board and wrote down 2 main problems that we wanted to solve within the event networking ecosystem.

1. There is still no sure way of tracking how the networking is unfolding at an event.
2. The effort required to set up meetings between delegates, exhibitors and sponsors is tremendous

What I’m excited about is Jublia’s latest end-to-end matching solution for event organisers, which solves all of that. In a recent article by the Event Manager Blog, Paul McDonnel of WebSummit pointed out: “We needed a complete solution for networking at our events that wouldn’t require much effort from our end. Networking is our number one priority at events so that app needed to enhance the potential for our attendees to make valuable connections at the Web Summit.”

As networking works its way up the priority ladder in events, vast sums and efforts are spent at each event conducting business matching. When it is done manually, event sales teams are converted to conduct business matching prior to the event. Sometimes, in fact most often, the matches made are of low quality which leads to wasted resources and no-shows at meetings. This would reflect negatively on the organiser as well as the event. Even when apps are used to solve this, many a times the acquisition numbers are low. It is one thing to have a great networking app. It is another thing to know how to properly implement it and engage your delegates with it.

The extensive effort required to conduct business matching and the lack of proper networking performance documentations makes it difficult for organisers to properly execute a networking initiative. This is why we’ve come up with our 3-in-1 solution. Match© + Match© Engagement System + Sense©. Simply this, sit back and use the analytics platform Sense© to track how your delegates are networking, while we run Match© and engage your delegates to make quality meetings at your events. Zero effort, maximum performance and full control.

Written By :
Tan Kuan Yan
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