The Constant from Virtual to LIVE: Events in Pandemic and Endemic

What doesn’t change for events when its format does?
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April 21, 2022

Article actual date: Apr 21, 2022

According to a survey by Statista published in September 2021, 35% of 8,227 marketers said they will hold in-person events for 2022. Now that the world is reopening and many events are returning onsite, we can truly feel the excitement.

However, the return of live events will definitely raise challenges to the digitally well-adapted industries.

The Thirst Has Been Quenched

Humans are social beings — socializing with one another is their nature, and nobody likes being physically distanced as it has been for the past two years. People long for the sensation of being together with each other at the same place, experiencing the same thing which brings every sense to life.

That’s why everyone, including the event industry, is overjoyed as the world starts to reopen.

Hallmark of an Event’s Success

Running a successful event is the ultimate goal for all event organizers worldwide. The success measurement is always interesting to discuss: what does an event require to be called a success?

If we say a music concert, for example, the number of audience is the success metric. If the tickets are sold out and there’s no empty seats in the venue, then it is counted as a great success.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case for business events. The large number of attendees filling in the venue during the event days is meaningless if they return home only with exhaustion from being lost in the venue, being unable to find a content that matches their interest, and finding themselves cramped together with other attendees.

This makes you think more: is my event truly successful just because it draws a huge number of attendees?

Quality Over Quantity

Live business events are never just about flocking people together in one place — it’s about creating opportunities for attendees and getting your business moving. No matter how crowded the venue is, the number of people attending the event will merely be numbers if you don’t generate leads and increase your revenue, and are unable to provide meaningful event experiences to them.

A successful event is when it resonates with every single stakeholder involved: providing an excellent matchmaking that connects attendees to exhibitor and contents, advanced engagement spanning all the way from prior to the event until long after it ends.

Success consists of many different layers and, most importantly, able to benefit all entities. At the end of the day, quality matters more than quantity.

Live Events and the Continuation of Digital Platform

During the height of social and physical restrictions, digital platforms emerged as a Messiah for the event industry. The virtual technologies enhancement made meetings and interactions possible. After going through a series of ups and downs of adaptation, everyone had adjusted so well to the surrounding circumstances at the time.

However, this year, the highly anticipated return of live events has materialized and it unexpectedly raised a question: have digital platforms become less important now that people can meet directly inside a venue and talk in-person without the need of a digital medium?

Meet DigitaLIVE, a Digital Empowerment for Your Physical Events

No matter how advanced digital technologies have become, they can never replace live events. This is undoubtedly true. But digital technologies through its platforms are not here to replace it: they are here to emphasize the physicality of an event.

Let’s imagine a situation: you are in high spirits as you depart to the event’s venue in the morning, only to stand in a long queue for registration and get lost as you try to find your meeting booth only to end up missing it. This hypothetical situation is not good news for anyone.

Too much hassle onsite affects your attendees’ satisfaction negatively and, in turn, your ROI too.

We at Jublia are aware of the importance of having a robust digital platform for physical events. With our 6+ years of pre-pandemic experience in powering physical event, then evolve to adapt to the uncertain circumstances for the past 2 years has fastracked our capabilities. Jublia is now at the best position ever to drive the highest engagement performance, backed by our proven solution in over 5,000 events.

We will continue to bring efficiency and convenience for your events with a number of features to give authentic event experiences to your attendees and save them from physical burnout they might have.

When your attendees can register early for your events, browse through the meetings and sessions available before the actual event starts, bookmark them in advance and when they arrive at the venue, they will be directed to the booths without having to wonder where they are supposed to go.

With the intention of helping organizers create the best and successful events for their attendees, Jublia presents DigitaLIVE: a digital empowerment for live events.

Jublia’s digital platform is equipped with our best-in-class solutions to bring the most out of your events. This allows you to lengthen the lifespan of your events, allowing you to connect your attendees on a deeper level and engage them with the community, messages, and content even when the event is over for long.

If you give the best facilitation for your events, increasing ROI is a given. Isn’t this the best win-win scenario one could ask for?

Let’s DigitaLIVE Your Events!

With almost a decade of experience in empowering LIVE events with robust digital solutions, Jublia understands the importance of digital platforms for any types of events.

Let’s talk about the most suitable solutions we can tailor to suit your event’s needs. Drop a message to or follow our LinkedIn to book your demo today!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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