What makes networking at an event great? An insight from YBSF2013

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September 24, 2013

Actual article date: Sep 24, 2013

What makes networking at an event great? Does it all boil down to the medium used to help you network — an app? Is it dependent on the mindset of the participants who are attending the event — delegates who already have an idea of who they want to meet? Or does it take into consideration the onus of each attendee to initiate and follow through with new meetings or meetings that have already been set up.

We believe that it takes into account all of the above and more.

As our team continues to work towards making networking a powerful valuable ROI at events, we have learnt and discovered new elements, within an event, that contribute to making networking successful. One important aspect, that is blatantly obvious but sometimes missed, is the variety of the crowd. In other words, the diversity of attendee types at an event.

We recently worked with an event that displayed a really high level of networking. The reason for this, we realised, wasn’t just because the delegates themselves were hungry to network. It was also because the delegates could find the relevant people that they wanted to get connected with. The organisers had made sure that there was a variety of delegates who were relevant to the crowd at the event. The event was called Young Bled Strategic Forum (YBSF).

During the tail end of August, Jublia had the privilege of implementing Match©, our speed networking scheduler, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovenia (you better believe it!). YBSF brought together aspiring young professionals from diplomatic, academic and business spheres as well as think tanks and students from all over the world. It was organised as a platform where young leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs could exchange ideas on current affairs. It also provided an opportunity for discussing possible solutions with other highly esteemed individuals and diplomats of the Bled Strategic Forum. The engagement of the YBSF on Match© was exciting. We saw high interactivity, which meant that the delegates found relevant people that they wanted to meet on our platform.

Having a diverse variety of attendees is just one piece of the puzzle to making the network eco-system complete, at events. At Jublia, we’re helping events put together all the pieces of their puzzle. YBSF gave us an excellent take away, and we hope we get the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Slovenia again.

What some of the delegates had to say about Match© for YBSF:

“ The platform did its job. Keep up the good work!”

“The networking done at YBSF went quite smoothly, thank you for organising it!”

Written By :
Tan Kuan Yan
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