What to Prepare Before Attending Your Next Live Event

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success!
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One of the things the pandemic has denied us is the chance to seek experience and establish new connections with our surroundings. Being isolated at home can make us feel separated from the rest of our community, craving for new experiences that can only be provided through socialized events. Well, as the pandemic is approaching its end, the second wave of Roaring 20’s is upon the horizon - where people are more than eager to get back and mingle: creating exhibitions, attending conferences, and seeking new opportunities at local job fairs - anything to experience that long-lost connection towards the community we are in.

Despite the excitement, returning to live events remains challenging. We might struggle to remember what to prepare. Not to mention, it is likely for new event procedures to be implemented as a precaution. The course of live events will be completely different from the pre-pandemic events we were used to having.

But don’t worry! We have a complete checklist of what to prepare before attending your next live event so you will be able to experience it to its fullest:

Design a Game Plan

To make the best out of an event, it is advised not to go in blindly.  Instead, design a game plan by asking yourself what you want to achieve through attending the event to better define what you are looking for from it.

The answer may vary: surround yourself with like-minded people to learn or simply to find entertainment. Once you have set your goal, consider your options by reading more into the event information through its channels. It usually details the rundown of the event and even offers a great selection of booths you can attend! All you have left to do is find ones that fit your criteria then bookmark it so you can easily find it later on.

Prepare Your “Co-Pilots”

There are so many things we can do at an event - socialize, learn from various booths, participate in multiple sessions - it is easy to feel overwhelmed and miss out on a lot of opportunities if we do not come prepared.

To ensure that you don’t miss anything, you will need “Co-Pilots” to help you experience it to the fullest. Make good use of the event’s channels, platform, and the guides they sent you at registration to better assist you during the event! To make it easier for you, some events are even powered with event apps. Don’t forget to download it before attending! It will give you a chance to explore its features so you can get the most out of the event.

After everything is set, be sure to charge your phone and check your internet connection to help you best navigate the event you will be attending. Maximize your experience by also preparing your elevator pitch, digital CVs, and  e-business cards to better prepare yourself for any networking opportunities.

Plan Your Networking Strategies

It’s important to remember that you are there not to compete, but to learn and connect. These two years have made us crave for more meaningful connections, it’s safe to say that everyone is definitely craving the same. So be sure to take this opportunity to branch out your network!

Networking will be more effective if you spend some time skimming through the attendee list and identify the people of interest beforehand. Organizers tend to encourage meaningful conversations by facilitating a time and place for meetings with fellow attendees and speakers. Some even make it easier to socialize by providing opportunities for scheduled meetings through in-app messaging systems. Be sure to not miss the chance to connect with the people you want to approach by scheduling a meeting with them in advance.

After it’s all set, you can prepare some topics to talk about with your fellow attendees or speakers. You can start off by asking what they are working on, which sessions interest them, why it interests them, or what they wanted to achieve from attending the event. To assist your introduction, don’t forget to keep your contact details, QR code, and e-business card ready at all times. Open yourself up to learning opportunities, it isn’t limited to only from the sessions you participate in after all. Sometimes, your fellow attendees can even surprise you!

Navigate With Ease

Be sure to arrive at the event on-time! Arriving late can rob you from so many opportunities to branch out and learn. You can avoid that by finding the best route to the event venue ahead of time and calculate the time it takes to get there even through traffic.

Even so, Google Maps can only go so far. To navigate the venue, events usually provide the venue layout to help you locate the booths you want to find. Some can be easily accessed through an app, completed with features like an interactive map and floor plan to best visualize the venue. This way, you can get as much information as you can and experience the event to the fullest!

Stay Informed

You never know what the future holds, and it applies to your upcoming events! Be alert of sudden changes and updates by regularly checking in to the events’ channels - let it be their social media page, email, or your event account- to stay updated.

Better yet, you can turn on the notifications on their channels. Whether it is  the web platform or the event app, where you can  automatically get updated through push notifications so you won’t miss a thing.

A complete one-stop solution ahead 

It’s easy to forget that live events can be rather hectic, like a land full of scattered opportunities and new experiences. To help you live it to the fullest, it’s definitely best to prepare ahead of time.

With over a decade of experience crafting digital solutions that empower features of live events, we at Jublia are ready to empower  organizers with our best-in-class solutions to give attendees the most authentic event experience.

Talk to us by dropping a message at or following us on LinkedIn today!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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