The Unified Experience at Korea MICE Expo

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Actual event date: Jun 17, 2019

2019 has been a great year so far, and this is made even better with the opportunity to partner the prestigious and biggest industry event, Korea MICE Expo.

James, our Country Director for Korea with Errol, co-founder and COO of Jublia, with the backdrop of our booth at KME 2019

Jublia provided our award winning Match 360 +Fully Branded App unified experience, generating about 4000 1–1 meetings, and facilitating these meetings over a native App experience onsite, making the entire scheduling experience a breeze for users to manage those meetings. At the same time, content is delivered over the same platform so attendees will never miss out on any of the site visits and conference sessions.

James, our Country Director, also went on stage to share more on how to adopt event technology sensibly and use it as a leverage to shape better events experience for the attendees. James also took the opportunity to share on why events, being a ground for face-to-face interactions, need to find their winning gameplan to thoughtfully facilitate 1–1 meetings.

James, onstage at KME 2019 to share about about event technology and of course, Jublia.

It was a good exposure for Jublia at KME 2019 and we had really interesting conversations with everyone who dropped by our booth. We hope to continue the discussions with people we have met at KME 2019.

If you have any enquiries about Jublia, please feel free to write in to us!

The 1–1 meetings area before the start of the event, with Jublia’s booth in the background
The 1–1 meetings taking place within the Business Lounge
Written By :
Tan Kuan Yan
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