Max’s Journey in Tackling Event Networking Struggles with Jublia

Through networking and beyond with our wholesome engagement hub
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Meeting the right people and having the right conversations can make a difference in events. After a decade of dealing with event engagement, we at Jublia know that all too well. 

Throughout our experience in the industry, one of the #1 things that our clients are concerned about is the most effective way to encourage sustainable networking. To answer this, we’re taking a different turn in this piece as we follow Max and his journey of networking with Jublia. So without further ado, let’s start!👇

Chapter 1: Once upon a time… meet Max, Ace, and Joy

Max is the organizer of JUICE 2050, one of the biggest tech exhibitions in the world bringing huge names in the industry together like Elon Musk and Larry Page. Max’s event also brings Ace, the exhibitor, and Joy, the attendee, into the picture. Let’s learn a little bit more about them and their contributions to JUICE.

First, let’s meet Ace, an exhibitor, who’s marketing his product, an AI-powered virtual reality console that can recommend games by automatically reading into the insights of the gamers’ interests. He’s ready to go but he’s still a little worried that he will come home empty-handed without selling any products or even have no potential customers to follow up afterward.

Here’s Joy, the attendee passionate about all things tech-related and an avid gamer. She’s excited for the exhibit but she’s worried because this is her first time back to a live event after her long hiatus during the pandemic and she’s afraid she’s a little rusty in meeting a lot of new people.

Finally, we now meet Max, the organizer of JUICE. He is the man behind all the great names attending, gathering all the best exhibitors, and planning everything even to the last dashes and dots. He is the only one with no worries because he knows the key to effectively encouraging valuable networking in his event as he partners with Jublia and has access to the full engagement hub. Max can’t wait to see the magic unfold.

Chapter 2: Scaring Away the Pre-event Jitters 

As an organizer, one of Max’s main metrics is event engagement. So what’s crucial to him is how attendees interact with each other through meetings and discussions, how they experience the booths, and also whether all his users achieve their goals for the event. So how do we ensure great networking among them? Well, through the right facilities of course!

The Explorers and Adventurers

In the pre-event stage, your attendees get to learn more about your event and explore all the experiences you offer, like your activities and booths. You need to have a platform to bring all these details together.

Our public hub platform lets you do this (and more), as anyone can access this even without login details. This opens a whole world of opportunities and can encourage more reach and awareness of your event as anyone can access the platform and intrigue them to explore it further.

It’s a Match!

Now, you’re gathering hundreds of people looking for different kinds of things, we can’t just let them chat with random people and hope for the best. Good thing Max partners with Jublia and their RevRank AI matchmaking system to read into the users’ preferences and utilize this for accurate data-driven recommendations.

Not only encouraging relevant connections, this smart matchmaking system also provides personalized content recommendations based on their interest. This can help improve their engagement with your content as well.

With these features, your attendees will gain a higher chance to meet like-minded people in their selected sessions. After all, an avid gamer attendee like Joy would likely find a match attending gaming-related sessions as they would share the same interests. Once they’ve locked their favorite sessions, all they have to do is tap the “favorites” icon so they won’t lose track of it.

Opening doors to networking opportunities - Just one click away

Your exhibitors, like Ace, already took a lot of time and effort to attend your event and they want to make the most out of it. They are aware that exhibitions can be an effective way to increase sales, but they only have limited networking time in their hands to reach their goals.

You can reduce one more pain point of their lists with the built-in meeting agenda on the Jublia web platform, a feature that efficiently helps them to schedule their meetings beforehand.

Go to the profile, click on “meet” and request a meeting with the right person. Check out what more you can do in this snippet below:

Chapter 3: It’s Showtime

Ah, the first few steps in the venue are one of the most exciting times for everyone. You’re greeted with eye-catching booths, the exciting murmurs of the crowd, and a special kind of event-high feeling.

This is where the show really begins and where your attendees can put their plans into action.

A little reminder to get you through the days

As Jublia Engagement Hub is connected throughout all its platforms, Max’s attendees can now easily access everything through their event app. They are now looking at their bookmarked sessions and meetings throughout the day. They can also activate push notifications on the app for real-time reminders of their planned agendas and get to the meeting spots on time. This allows them to manage their time efficiently and gain the best results from networking opportunities.

Uh, oh…..where’s the meeting room again?

As they’re enjoying certain booths and sessions, they receive that sweet notification that their meeting is coming up. They find their way to the meeting area but… now they’re lost. This can happen without an integrated event map, and it costs a lot of time, effort (and even money) for many of your attendees.

Luckily, JUICE is equipped with Jublia’s AI Maps, a smart AI-powered interactive floorplan that can simplify the complexity of any event’s venue layout. It has the power to support point-to-point and in-hall routing to help your attendees find their way around in a vast venue.

It is also very helpful for Max as this smart map is created just by uploading the simple static image and our AI would do its magic in a matter of seconds. The AI map is a fully customizable infrastructure that can be managed by the organizer at any time throughout the event lifecycle.

Scanning through attendee behavioral insights

On the other hand, Ace, along with other exhibitors of JUICE are enjoying the new people they get to meet and the people flooding their booths and trying out their showcased products and activities. However, this many people in a short amount of time might be overwhelming, especially for organizers who plan to get strong leads for their products.

This would not be a problem for them because with Jublia Scan, our AI-powered lead scanner, exhibitors can gather insights into the attendees’ behavior and indicate their interest fields. With this, Ace gets a real-time score of the temperature of each scan and adds summaries or notes for a more strategic follow-up process post-event.

The Final Chapter, the Final Outcome

After the curtains close, Ace’s worries are replaced with the excitement of the products he has sold and how many leads and insights he gathered throughout the event. For him, the event hasn’t ended yet as he now has extended his networking with fellow business professionals and collaboration ideas. He also has valuable event data he gathered through his scans and a handful of leads he can follow up to. More meaningful conversations are coming up and Ace is as excited as ever.

Joy comes home with joy – pun intended – as she pockets so many things she learned during the event and a new console that is able to give personalized game recommendations. Before that, not wanting the event to end, she looks back at the platforms and gushes about her experience, and gives honest (good) feedback for the event.

While Max comes home with a treasure chest full of event data accessible through Jublia Sense. This is the tool to collect real-time analytics to measure the interactions made in the event, the many potential leads or further opportunities you can follow up on, and much more to measure his event’s true success. The data also allows organizers to generate ROI reporting for each category: company, products, and sessions. This is the perfect insight for Max to utilize for his future event needs.

You Can Be Max, the Organizer

Max is happy to share what Jublia can do to help create sustainable networking in events. So are you ready to try it out for yourself? Speak to our Solution Specialists or follow our LinkedIn to find out more about how we can help.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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