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When you are entering a perfume store, you would ask for testers before deciding to buy. You want to know if it smells good and suits your taste. Whether you realize it or not, event attendees have the same behavior: they’d like to explore all touchpoints of the events before deciding to attend or not.

This is previously impossible when organizers set login requirements for visitors to view and explore their event platform. 

Jublia’s Public Hub for Public Access

We at Jublia always listen to our clients and strive to give them the best solution that could enhance their event’s value. Our ever-hard-working engineers had spent weeks behind the scenes to bring yet another improvement to your table.

Joining the bandwagon of our biggest releases in the third quarter of the year, we present you Jublia’s Public Hub: public access to your event platforms without login requirements!

The Hero Nobody Asked for

If we go back to the perfume analogy at the beginning, we will then realize that both are somehow similar yet different. It is a given for a perfume store to give testers, but perhaps not for organizers.

Sometimes onboarding attendees is taken for granted, simply because people who come from the same industry and expertise as the event itself will be joining, or they are the recurring attendees who visit annually.

But wouldn’t it be better if more attendees join and take interest in the event? This is the crack where Jublia comes in with the Public Hub, to allow the general public to explore your event and get a taste of it before they decide to join. Just like how they decide to buy the perfume after taking a liking to the scent.

Using Jublia’s Public Hub to Your Benefit

Scroll down to find out how this feature makes difference to and benefits your events!

Social share to broadcast your event

People nowadays are nothing but social media. Information is speedily exchanged on the platform and it’s time for you to benefit from it by sharing your event platform link and marketing your event effectively!

Let your relations and connections notice your event and, if they are interested, they may click it!

All agendas and sessions can be unlocked without login

What’s better than the feeling of getting into the new world and being able to explore every nook and corner of it? 

A similar excitement arises when someone scrolls through your event page and finds a lot of things that trigger their curiosity: the people they want to meet, conferences they want to attend in person, products they’ve been looking for all along, etc.

All is possible with the Public Hub!

Privacy first design that ensures your authority

Rest assured that you as an organizer are in full control of the displayed sessions and profile on the event’s web platform. Private sessions and exclusive profiles can be hidden from public access as required so that your public hub truly represents what you aim to show the general audience. 

Convert public audiences to attendees

When an audience has taken interest in your event, then what’s next? Registering as an attendee! Jublia’s Public Hub provides a convenient way to convert an audience into attendees, just with one click at the top right corner of the page.

Bonus: give exposure to your sponsors!

The Public Hub is not only beneficial for you as an event organizer and your audience but to your sponsors as well. You (as well as your sponsors themselves!) can promote specific sessions, speakers, products, and companies to create more buzz for them.

Talk to Us and Open a Public Access to Your Event Today!

Jublia only knows to seamlessly improve and craft solutions that eventually add value to your events. The Public Hub shows our commitment to DigitaLIVE as we utilize the digital platform to enhance your live events.

We tailor our solutions to cater to your event's needs because each event is as important as you are. Talk to our Solutions Specialists to create your own Public Hub by dropping a message to and following us on LinkedIn to stay tuned with our future updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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