Jublia Grows Together with Leader Associates Through Events

Case study on Solar Energy Future 2022 and Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe 2022
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Offering our best-in-class solutions that are specifically tailored to each of the event’s needs is our motto to live by. It includes our flexibility to accommodate clients’ wishes to change the capacity that is able to house their events. This happens to Solar Energy Future Europe (SEFE) and Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe (CGHE), two events that Jublia powered back in summer this year.

Starting Small to Grow Big

SEFE and CHGE were both held on 6 and 7 July 2022 in Madrid, Spain; organized by our long-term partner, Leader Associates. Prior to those two events, we’ve had a quite long history with the organizers, having collaborated in two dozens of events worldwide from last year and a few are still ongoing as the article is being written.

The first was an event dedicated to solar, storage, and advanced management of future assets. It brought together more than 500 industry leaders, policymakers, responsible investors, asset solution providers, financiers, and solar storage developers all across Europe to discuss, measure, and analyze the future toward sustainability.

Whereas the latter was a leading conference and exhibition for green hydrogen, gathering key stakeholders of energy industries in Europe to accelerate the development of green hydrogen.

The onsite meeting was the main highlight of the two events, and it only made sense that from the start, the organizer required our 1-1 Match & Meet solution to accommodate their attendees.

Jublia’s readily available solution empowered all the attendees to connect and schedule their onsite meetings with each other in advance. It started out with 2 tables but had been increasing along the way due to the high request for onsite meetings.

Jublia’s Solutions Flexibility Made It Possible

When planning events with our clients, listening to their needs and concerns are of utmost importance to us. Thus, when the organizer requested the meeting capacity to be increased due to high demand, we didn’t take it for granted.

Thanks to the proven flexibility of our system, SEFE and CGHE recorded an impressive number of 78 and 107 meetings, respectively. Such a milestone for small conferences that had also started small.

Moreover, our long-term relationship with Leader Associates played a huge role in bringing those events to success. Everything went smoothly throughout the process, from planning the event to onsite execution on D-day. Both of us were already familiar and perfectly cooperated with each other during the multi-event planning.

Clients’ Satisfaction is Our Delight

At the end of the day, the event’s success is one of the main goals that we at Jublia would like to achieve together with our client. For SEFE and CGHE, our hard work is paid off with interest when our clients are happy and satisfied, as well as the attendees who are the ultimate users of our solutions.

Data showed that 40 people out of 51 attendees of SEFE and 53 people out of 84 attendees of CGHE gave 5-star ratings for the meetings, which pretty much reflected their satisfaction.

Cami Wong, Marketing Manager at Leaders Associate shared her experience planning the events with Jublia.

“Jublia has always been responsive as ever, heard what we want, and took action on it. The flexibility of their system was able to accommodate the number of meetings which were skyrocketing from our initial expectations, much to our delight. We look forward to partnering with Jublia again in the future.”

Talk to Us and Let’s Grow Together!

Jublia always looks to establish connections with clients beyond transactional relationships — we’d like to grow with them through obstacles and challenges. We are very proud to power SEFE and CGHE and showcased the flexibility of our system yet again.

Here at Jublia, we advocate for DigitaLIVE, building robust digital platforms around your live events’ ecosystem to give an authentic journey for your attendees. Looking forward to empowering your LIVE events? Drop a message at and follow us on LinkedIn today.

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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