Your Hidden Treasure Called Hybrid Event Data

Find out more about hybrid event data and how it can benefit you!
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Article actual date: Mar 2, 2022

Data has always been an integral part of events. Since the start, organizers have been relying on data gathered from events to figure out what attendees want, and how they can improve their next event to ensure it achieves greater success than the previous one. During the time when events were mainly physical, data like an event’s attendance rate and footfall were used to measure the success of the events. Life was simple, and concrete.

However, everything changed once the pandemic occurred.

Your Event Treasure Trove

It is no secret that the pandemic has permanently altered the way events are held by organizers and experienced by attendees. As many events went hybrid or virtual, the type of data and how they can be collected also changed drastically. Technology plays a great part in this.

With technology, there is now a plethora of new insightful data that organizers can gather to gain deeper understanding on every event attendee. Through the ongoing improvement, organizers can discover more about their individual event attendees’ profile — what industry are they interested in, who have they set a meeting with, which booths have they visited to name a few. And as a whole, you can discover the most popular industry, event booths or speakers in your event.

Armed with a whole new set of insightful data that can be collected in real time, organizers now have the chance to maneuver the conversation contents of their events in real time in the direction organizers want — to better engage the attendees and to elevate their experiences during the event.

Technology definitely displaced the very notion of events and how organizers can further enhance and elevate experiences through virtual event data. However, we should not discount onsite event data as well.

Data: Your Event Treasure Map

Data is like a treasure map for events. By itself, it has no inherent value, but when utilized, it can lead you to the treasure you seek. Onsite and virtual event data are equally important “treasure maps” to the organizers to find their “hidden gems”, which is the success of their events.

With onsite events, the use of geo-positioning and beacon technology enables organizers to monitor attendees’ movements and capture insightful data like crowd flow, hot spots and dwelling time for individual attendees for each booth they visited. All these real-time data can be utilized to improve the event experience or make changes to the events while it is ongoing to further engage with the attendees and keep them interested in the event.

Virtual events can capture data beyond the actual event. With the assistance of technology, data can be extended from pre-event all the way to post-event. Every movement of individual attendees can be tracked, from the moment they registered for the event, all the way to post-event activities. Within a single platform, an entire goldmine of valuable data can be collected by the organizers.

Hybrid Events, The Route To Your Treasure

With an increasing demand in digital-focusness, traditional onsite data are now not sufficient in proving your event ROI. However, one cannot deny that the personal touch and in-person meetings and conversations from onsite events cannot be replicated virtually. How can you perfectly combine the valuable real-time data from virtual events and the personal touch from onsite events into one single platform?

In comes hybrid events — bringing the best of both worlds and providing you with connected data. Onsite and virtual events are like yin and yang, two complete opposites. But duality is a part of oneness, and with the combination of onsite and virtual events in a platform, a more dynamic and enhanced event is manifested in the form of hybrid events.

As hybrid is likely to stay in the future, organizers will still be able to leverage on its advantage to get the most out of every event.

Hybrid events combine and connect the strengths of onsite and virtual events, to create a platform where connected data can be harvested to create an all-encompassing analysis of your events. Countless possibilities on how the data can be used will be opened up, empowering organizers to create the best event experience for attendees.

Once the event is wrapped, data analysis does not cease. Organizers can utilize the data from their previous events to figure out several important measures like customer satisfaction for the betterment of their upcoming and future events.

Finding Your Personal Treasure

There are bountiful opportunities through hosting events on a hybrid platform, but this does not mean that any hybrid event platform will be suitable for your event. Connected data is the centerpiece for your events’ success, powered by a true hybrid-ready platform with an inclusive and integrated backend that is able to harmonize online and offline data. With this, you will be able to fully tap on the data collected and use them to elevate your future event experience for attendees.

Not less, a robust technology provider with proven flexibility and adaptability will ensure your events run smoothly.

Dive In With Us!

At Jublia, we have a strong track record with onsite events with over 9 years of experience. We have an ongoing Safe, Anticipate, Future-proof Event (S.A.F.E.) campaign that aims to not only provide you with a true hybrid-ready platform and backend that can harmonize online and offline data , but to also enhance and elevate your event experience together with you.

Interested in knowing more about Jublia’s Safe, Anticipate, Future-proof Event (S.A.F.E.) framework and hybrid-ready platform? Contact us at and follow us on our LinkedIn to find out!

Written By :
Gigi Teo Swee Khee
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Your Hidden Treasure Called Hybrid Event Data

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