Why Do You Need Event Technology for Your Conference?

It’s more than just being digital and convenient…
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The rise of virtual events almost two years ago led to the fastest growth of technology that the event industry has never seen before. The benefits of the speedy development were felt by every nook and corner of any event, including conferences. Now that live events are returning, technology stays.

When almost everything went digital, we learned how technology had improved conferences for better: attendees' engagement, effective matchmaking, and genuine event experience for each.

In larger-scale meetings like conferences, finding the right sessions, the right speakers, and the right panel is very crucial. While there’s a possibility to get it done manually, technology can do it faster and more efficiently.

It is also revealed that event technology increases meeting attendance by 20% and at the same time decreases the cost by up to 30%.

Check out why event technology is still an irreplaceable element for your conference regardless of its format.

Data, data, and data

One of the main key points that technology can provide to organizers is data. It works hard behind the scenes to make sure that all of your valuable event data is available right at your fingertips. 

The rich amount of data can tell you so many things about your attendees’ behavior and preferences, which in turn can be used to enhance the event experience, boost your ROI, and lay the groundwork for your future event planning.

Data collection is a continuous and concurrent process at events, meaning that the data from before, during, and after the events are equally important. It gives you deeper insights into the trends within your attendees in those respective stages of events.

At Jublia, we provide data collection throughout the event cycle and allow open access to the organizers to see and analyze their event data and give assistance to understand which data can be used as a parameter of the event’s success and where they can improve.

Digital platforms and mobile apps offer more than just convenience

Digital technology has saved hours of time spent during event planning. It offers many data-driven, AI-powered solutions that manual processes never did. Thus, every single engagement touchpoint is well-covered by digital solutions.

Let’s say onboarding your attendees is faster and cheaper with an integrated registration system like Jublia does with Reg Collective. The digitized registration cut down the long queue at the entrance and help the organizer to check the registered attendees from time to time.

It doesn’t stop there. For a big conference with hundreds of meetings and sessions, it’s important to ensure that every attendee gets to meet the right people, join the right discussion group, and doesn’t experience overlapping schedules. 

While all of that can be done through the event platform, there is also a more convenient way with a mobile app. An event app acts as a digital co-pilot to give a more meaningful event discovery for attendees. 

More than just a digital agenda that keeps everyone on track, an event app also offers personalized recommendations for each attendee, sends alerts and meeting notifications, and makes a good marketing funnel for organizers to promote their sponsors.

We have first-hand experience with how the event app contributes a lot to enhance the attendees’ engagement through the HD Expo + Conference and the World Future Energy Summit this year.

Attendees' satisfaction + good engagement = successful event!

At the end of the day, an authentic user experience that could bring attendees satisfaction is what any event organizers want to achieve. The convenience that event technology brings today is only the tip of the iceberg.

Event technology paves the way for better engagement — technically in any event, but its role is even bigger for conferences where meetings become the center of it all. It allows attendees and organizers to be engaged throughout the event cycle, generates valuable data, and lays a strong foundation for future event planning.

Digital technology also lengthens your event lifespan, even when you aim to build event communities all year round. 

Partner with Us!

Choosing the right event tech partner is the preceding step before having robust digital solutions to power your event. Make sure that your tech partner ticks all the criteria as the best technology provider that could assist you to bring your event to success.

As a veteran player in conferences, we have been through the ups and downs during the pandemic until the present time: experiencing the sudden shift into virtual, the astonishing evolution to hybrid with Health Evolution Summit 2021 and the Airport Show Hybrid+ the very same year. 

When the event industry geared up for its return to in-person events in 2022, we team up with our long-term partner, Leaders Associate, at the Solar Energy Future Europe and Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe in Madrid.

Jublia with almost a decade of experience matching people and content is ready to become your best partner. Our solutions are tailored to cater to your events’ needs because we believe that every event is special, just like you are. Drop a message today to and follow our LinkedIn to stay tuned for our updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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