Virtual Event Series (Part 14): Video Meeting Informative Page

Introducing a feature update to our video conferencing platform for a seamless online meeting experience.
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Article actual date: Jun 3, 2021


Over the past decade, organisations around the world have increasingly embraced distributed workforces. With 58% of businesses utilising video conferencing for everyday operations, online meeting platforms will now require functionalities that are as effortless as making a FaceTime call and as feature-rich as a professional meeting. [1] Our team is constantly seeking ways to refine the user experience, while maintaining the industry gold standard in meeting the requirements of a versatile and well-rounded video meeting platform. Introducing our latest update to virtual conferencing: the Video Meeting Informative Page!

Hot Swappable Meetings in One Click!

The Video Meeting Informative Page ensures that your next meeting is just one click away! Users will receive a pop-up notification 5 minutes prior to the next scheduled meeting. By clicking on the pop-up notification, you will then be directed to your next meeting. In addition, the “Access Meeting List” button will provide direct access to the upcoming meetings on your schedule; a seamless experience from one meeting to the next.

Having to switch between tabs to access the Video Meeting platform and the main event page can prove to be a hassle. With this feature update, users can now navigate their way back to the event platform from the Video Meeting Informative Page with one simple click of the “Back to Event” button, to reach their personalised “My Schedule” page. The integration of the Video Meeting Informative Page facilitates these smooth transitions, providing an intuitive and uninterrupted video conferencing experience.

Your Seamless Video Conferencing Experience Begins Here

The beauty of this informative page is its central role in simplifying and connecting the entire navigational workflow of an attendee with a busy meetings schedule. Our team aims to provide a turbocharged all-round experience on-the-go, connecting businesses and people in the industry throughout the event lifecycle. With this enhancement, we show you the way forward — do more with less clicks.

Jublia strives to keep up with the times and more. Interested to learn more about our latest features? Contact us at or get in touch with whoever you know from Jublia today!

Written By :
Cheryl Loh
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