Virtual Event Series (Part 10): Effective Sponsorship Promotion

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December 22, 2020

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Dec 22, 2020. On top of the Quick Link and Agenda Highlight features we covered below, we have since released a new Sponsorship module as part of our approach to effective monetisation. Click here to read more!


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product innovation that aims to increase the effectiveness of sponsorship promotions. Quick Links & Agenda Highlights is an on-demand real-time module that allows event organisers to build and change short-cuts on the event platform that directs users to people profiles, virtual booth stands, content and linked-out websites. This is extremely useful when directing an attendees’ attention to key areas, announcements or promotions.

How It Works

Quick Link

We have built this function to be situated on the Explore “Event Lobby” area of the event platform for maximum visibility by active users. Organisers can choose (at will and on-demand) to create special shortcuts aka Quick Links that would bring an attendee to specific segments of the platform, mainly to networking opportunities or discovering content. One of the best use-cases that we’ve seen operated by our client and partners include short-cuts to Country Pavilions where attendees would surf through a list of country-specific Virtual Company Booths.

Agenda Highlight

With more virtual events popping up, we’ve noticed a stronger emphasis on the quality of content across our collaborations. We’ve also observed increasing interest and growth in Content Sponsorship, as more corporations wish to be identified with thought-leadership and being seen as first-mover in industry-specific thoughts and ideas. What we have built, allows event organisers to highlight agenda sessions on-demand anytime they wish to focus the promotion of content sessions at will. We’ve seen some of our clients use this function in-conjunction with a content campaign to achieve great results for their sponsored sessions.


At the end, these are little things that do much to enhance the usability and experience for the attendee customer. Ultimately, these pieces come together so well because they are part of an entirety that we have been fervently working on, improving and growing for the past years. The best validation is seeing these modules being leveraged so well by our customers. We are always open for feedback, so do drop us a note or get in touch with anyone you’re familiar with from Jublia to let us know what you think!

Written By :
Chinab Chugh
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