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Article actual date: Jul 24, 2016

We are proud to announce another deep analytics feature, Trends*, as part of Jublia Sense, our business matching management and analytics platform.
We have been tracking search data within the Match app for a long while and Trends seeks to uncover the true intent of what people are looking for in your event.

*Trends is already “live” within Sense. If you already have an past event with Jublia, it is highly recommended that you take a look at this new insight. Email us if you have any questions!

How is this even useful? I am already be tracking audience “interests” via registration forms

Event registration forms are great to track demographics information of your audience, like their name, email address and company. However, data based on “intent”, like “interests” entered onto a registration form may not be truly representative of the intent of the audience.

Why so? This is because the audience have no clear value in exchange, in letting you know of their interests at the registration stage. Furthermore, the frame of mind during registration is more aligned to providing sufficient data so that one can get registered for the event, rather than looking out for products/people that fits their interests.
In addition, measuring the “intent” of a person is progressive, and not single stage (i.e. indicating one time on registration form).

This is where business matching comes in. During the process of business matching, the person searching and viewing profiles is in the frame of mind where he/she is..
1) Discovering people/products that are aligned to his interests
2) Zooming in and looking for the people/products in the event most relevant to his interests
Through this continuous process of search, Jublia uncovers macro trends of what are people exactly looking for, in your event.

And in short, this is what Trends aspire to help organisers discover real intents in their events.

For example, in a travel related event in China, we found that the audiences were doing searches within the categories and on a macro level, these are what they looked for:


In yet another event, when we peered into the key word “Distributor”, we see what are the types of people searching the term itself.
Most interestingly, we look deeper into “Distributor” and collated a list of key terms that are associated with “Distributor” when the audience searches for the term.


This new analytics innovation in Sense contributes to Jublia’s mission in generating key data through effective business matching and weave them into key insights that organisers can use to constantly align their events to real customers’ sentiments and needs.

While business matching is a tool for your customers, it also presents a unique opportunity for organisers to truly understand their audience.

Written By :
Tan Kuan Yan
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