Reg Collective: Zero-Cost and Integrated Registration with Jublia!

Headache no more — Jublia’s unified offering now includes registration tailored to your events’ needs by our partners
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December 14, 2021

Article actual date: Dec 14, 2021

Holding a successful event begins with one single step: registration. However, it’s often the biggest pain point that requires organizers to dedicate more time to coordinate integration efforts between Jublia and third-party registration providers.

Amongst the many integrations that our clients requested, registration naturally stood out to be the most popular. For the past four years, registration integrations have evolved into a norm rather than a novel endeavor as they used to be.

As finding perfect registration systems that complement certain events has always been a challenge for our clients, we are constantly ready to assist them with our integrated solutions. Moreover, we’re also answered one of their biggest concern regarding our latest feature: cost.

Introducing Reg Collective

To tackle the constant registration headaches, we’ve created the Reg Collective, a collectively certified system crafted for organizers who are in need of seamlessly integrated registration systems on Jublia.

Reg Collective
offers several main features which cut organizers some hassle in onboarding their audiences to the events:

  • Managed solutions. Each specific registration system is scrutinized under in-depth technical reviews to determine its suitability and efficacy for different event types: hybrid, virtual, or on-site events.
  • Zero-cost integration. No need for additional fee. Reg Collective is an integrated part of Jublia, which means you can save more while working less.
  • Stress-free. The curated solutions cut out any potential problems and stress related to the registration process. Thus, it allows you to curate better events, programs, and experiences for your audiences.

Jublia’s Reg Collective Partners

Reg Collective is a collaboration between Jublia and our trusted partners who have been working with us over the past few months. We carefully selected these partners, with their respective specialties in various fields to match your events’ needs. Their advanced registration systems are now seamlessly integrated into Jublia.

Bizzabo, your best hybrid partner

An all-rounded company with almost ten years of expertise under their belt and proven track records for on-site and hybrid events in mid-to-large scale conferences and enterprise events. With their repertoire in these domains, Bizzabo is ready to empower you in creating more impactful and rewarding events for audiences.

Go fully virtual with Enavle

Enavle by Actioport is a trusted solution for small-scale, fully-virtual events. Through this partnership, we are ready to provide zero-cost, seamlessly integrated registration systems for the betterment of your future virtual events.

Secure leads on-site through Visit by GES

Visit by GES has garnered a repertoire worldwide for their exemplary trade show registrations. Their expertise lies in trade shows, online exhibitor manuals, and on-site lead retrievals. As such, you will tap on their expertise through our end-to-end collaboration with them.

Onboard Your Audiences More Conveniently, Starting Today

Reg Collective is a carefully crafted registration system presented by Jublia and our partners. No more worries about getting your audiences onboarding to the events, as it has been seamlessly integrated into our solutions.

Get a glimpse of how Reg Collective works through the demo here.

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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