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From in-depth attendee behavior analysis to endless opportunities
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Events are a mine of endless possibilities and opportunities. Networking, collaborations, leads, and so much more are just right around the corner.

However, with a whole stream of data gathered from different attendees with different backgrounds, goals, expectations, and tendencies, it might be very difficult to pick the best opportunities that you can follow up to optimize your pipeline and achieve your event KPI.

Don’t fret, because we, at Jublia, are always providing our carefully-designed solutions for you to make the most out of your event data. Now, our newly revamped and improved opportunity analytics can be the key to help open doors of opportunity and empower you to make data-driven decisions and unleash the full potential of your events. Learn how to unlock those doors by reading this article!

Jublia’s Road to a More Connected Single Data Story

Jublia has always understood the weight and the crucial role of performance data, that is why we have designed an easily understandable yet detailed analytics page for you to scan through. 

A part of it is our Opportunity Analytics page which is divided into acquisition, scan intelligence, and trends. Check out the details in this visual below to learn more about it.

Although organizers can already gather the best opportunities by analyzing through our current analytics page, we are continuously evolving it to answer more in-depth questions about your event. With reference to our Jublia 2023 Playbook, we are improving our solutions to create a more connected single data story so that we can integrate more holistically throughout the engagement hub. With this, your data is presented in a storytelling approach for a clearer and easier understanding of the right story in its right context, ready for you to act on or refer to for your next adventure.

To get a step closer to it, we have made some small but critical changes to the page. Let’s dive in deeper!

Acquisition Page

During our transition into a wholesome Engagement Hub, we not only prioritize the importance of People analytics but also Company and Product. Therefore, we have fully revamped our acquisition page to help you pick out the highest possible opportunities from different categories.

Now, we can see which attributes – people, company, or product – have the highest meeting requests, bookmarks, and inquiries. This would not only help organizers see potential engagements, networking, or leads, but also create a more seamless process for matchmaking follow ups due to a better outreach to Companies and Products which allows more understanding and precision in sales pitch. 

Trends Page

We have reinvent how we layer business intelligence with your event data with the new Trends section. 

With the ability to capture trending keywords in your event linked to engagement with companies, people, or products, we want to help you better gauge if a well represented audience group is also well engaged with.

Hence, we crafted an easy to understand chart that uncovers the best engaged categories and terms in your events, alongside the demographics representation of each. Furthermore, you can further click into each keyword to uncover in-depth insight on all the activities that have been made around it in your event.

This is Just a Small Part Of Your Big Adventure

Opportunity analytics is just one part of your journey through your event data. We at Jublia strongly believe in a true single-data story approach, thus every other part of the event analytics is just as crucial.

The enhanced engagement journey involves three sequential steps: interaction, opportunity, and realization.

Jublia writes your event engagement data story in a holistic and well thought out funnel, starting with the interaction step which provides you details on how attendees interact with each other and your platform or content. With this insight, you can see how effective your event was in engaging the audience. 

Then comes the opportunity step which helps you filter the best opportunities from your event for more seamless sales pitches and follow ups, as we have discussed above. Now comes the realization step where you can measure the results of the opportunities you’ve gathered from the previous step. Explore our conversation insights and measure your audience’s satisfaction by reading through their sentiments to uncover the actual impact of your event.

With these analytics, spend less time weaving data together to compile your own story and get ready to jump straight into the storyboard of your event performance.

Grab Every Opportunity with Jublia

Connected data is a key differentiator at Jublia and an area we take deep pride in proving engagement ROI for your event stakeholders. So, are you prepared to launch at full throttle to your event’s full potential? Speak to our Solution Specialists or follow our LinkedIn to find out more on how we can help.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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