Jublia Year In Review 2023: Milestones and Moments

From milestones to meaningful moments, Jublia’s 2023 recap highlights impactful growth, inspiring stories and the power of connection
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December 20, 2023

As we reflect on the achievements of the past year, Jublia is delighted to share insights from our journey through 2023—a period marked by substantial growth and a strategic pivot as an engagement hub that DigitaLIVEs your events.

Emphasizing our commitment to reshaping the live event landscape, we are excited to announce a significant +61% Year-on-Year surge in conversations created on Jublia Engagement Hub. This milestone signals a deliberate shift in our focus, underscoring our role as a pivotal engagement hub where meetings, chats, and networking thrive within our platform. There are also many other upswings in numbers which we will dive into more in the next sections (so stay tuned!).

This transformative phase signifies more than numerical progression; it represents a purposeful transition towards enhancing the interactive fabric of live events. Join us as we delve into the key facets of our impactful year.

Our Adventures Throughout the Year🎢

2023 was a particularly special year for Jublia, as it marks our 10 year anniversary of Jublia’s operations,  which marks a decade devoted to crafting and elevating event experiences. This milestone marks not just another year, but a testament to our unwavering commitment to being the trusted event engagement platform. Through intelligent connection of people and content, we empower event organizers to create truly memorable experiences.

Our epic journey wouldn’t be complete without the vision and passion of our leadership team. At the heart of the celebrations were CEO Kuan Yan Tan, CTO Chinab Chugh, and COO Errol Lim, who shared their invaluable experience and insights on hitting this milestone and the exciting future plans they have for Jublia. 

Throughout these 10 years, we’ve built bridges, fueling and establishing partnerships and connections that spark innovations – and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing community, co-piloting this incredible journey. A heartfelt thank you to our team and our clients for being with us every step of the way.

Speaking of journeys, this year brought another milestone pit stop: the grand unveiling of our revamped website. Now, navigating Jublia’s site should be a more effortless and insightful experience, so we encourage everyone to explore, discover and connect like never before! 

But the journey doesn’t end with our website’s new chapter. In fact, 2023 has been a year of relentless innovation, with a staggering number of  feature update releases, each meticulously crafted to redefine the horizons of event engagement to give our clients and users the best experience. Let’s explore the details of our product updates.

Innovation Runs in Our Veins💡

In 2023, Jublia didn’t maintain momentum - we propelled forward with 50 feature updates and releases. While every updated represented a value step in making sure we give the best to our customers, we believe these features have emerged as true game -changers:

AI-Maps on Web

Plan and preview your event seamlessly with our AI-powered maps on the web. Explore sessions, booths, and venue layouts beforehand, effortlessly optimizing your schedule and ensuring stress-free navigation on the big day. With a user-friendly interface that presents sessions and venue details side-by-side, finding the best routes through the event venue has never been easier.

Multi-Hall Routing

This new feature ensures smooth transitions between sessions and across multiple locations, allowing attendees to conquer complex venues with ease and follow their schedules.

Native Wall Revamp

To change up the customization capabilities of our Native App, we revamped our wall on the home page. It  empowers organizers to tailor a dynamic and interactive platform, fostering deeper attendee engagement and driving meaningful connection

Scan 2 Way

Scan has been a helpful feature for our users and is rising as one of the top favorites this year among our organizers and their exhibitors. However, we wouldn’t want other attendees to miss out on all the fun. With Scan 2 Way, this feature now enables attendees to check who has scanned them and add meaningful notes to their conversations, instantly forging connections through effortless two-way QR code scanning.

Many more!

While the features above may headline this year’s top releases, we have had many other impactful features updates including Opportunity Analytics, Native Container tweaks, Performance Snapshot, Preview mode and others.

Our Engagement Hub is in the midst of a remarkable transformation. 

“Analyzing the data at hand, we have a remarkable surge in usage, ranging from 200-300% of platforms and modules which weren’t part of our core just a few years ago.  This not only highlights the evolution of our Engagement Hub but reinforces its pivotal role in our forward trajectory”.   - Chinab Chugh, CTO

This rise isn’t just about platform adoption; it’s about a fundamental shift in how we connect and collaborate. Our CTO further explains,

“there has been a substantial uptick in interactions and opportunities created on our platforms. This surge signifies a wealth of possibilities on how we can leverage these engagements to enhance the events we collaborate with in the upcoming year.”

The data, updates and releases that we have aren’t just part of a scorecard, they are a vibrant blueprint in creating an even more impactful future for events, driving innovation and fueling collaboration through powerful engagement.

Values-driven innovation💡

The groundbreaking releases of 2023 weren't merely isolated bursts of innovation – they were guided by our unwavering commitment to our company values, the first of which is Customer First & Always, woven into the very fabric of each update. 

Seamless Integration

Providing clarity and transparency by uniting the event experience into a single, data-driven narrative aligns seamlessly with our pillar of Honesty, Openness & Directness.

Scalable Analytics

Building a robust data foundation echoes Trust & Teamwork, empowering organizers with actionable insights and fostering collaboration between Jublia and its clients.

Delightful Customer Experience

Every feature is meticulously crafted to enhance the journey, embodying Positivity & Accountability with a laser focus on user satisfaction and intuitive interaction.

Building a Sustainable Future

This commitment to eco-friendly practices and robust security upholds Honesty, Openness & Directness by prioritizing responsible business practices and safeguarding client data.

These pillars aren't just abstract ideals – they're the driving force behind each release, ensuring every innovation contributes to a future where Jublia remains the ultimate event engagement partner. The hard work behind these features paid off, resulting in significant upswings in engagement across all our platforms.

Work Hard, Celebrate Hard🤓🥳️

The past three months painted an impressive picture of engagement on our platform, with event categories across the board witnessing significant metric upswings. This period highlighted the effectiveness of our solutions in fostering meaningful connections and exceeding established targets.

Key features emerged as clear drivers of growth:

The adoption of our Native App witnessed a remarkable surge of +93%, elevating engagement and immersion to new heights. Meanwhile, the revolutionary AI Maps experienced a staggering +184% increase in adoption, seamlessly navigating attendees through the event landscape, optimizing productivity, and amplifying overall event participation. The implementation of our Jublia Scan has also witnessed an exceptional +227% surge, showcasing widespread adoption of functionalities like lead capture and content access. 

Conversations thrive, exceeding targets:

With our platform transforming into a dynamic hub,  this shows a +61.3% increase in conversations (114,245 total), exceeding engagement goals for an interactive platform. This proves our solutions effectively foster meaningful connections.

The year of scan mania:

Total scans skyrocketed +248%, highlighting the transformative power of our technology in optimizing participation and enhancing events.

This season wasn't just about technology; it was about empowering human connections through our solutions. We equipped events to thrive, driving record engagement and exceeding targets. Moving forward, we'll continue building sophisticated solutions to elevate events to new heights.

It Only Goes Up From Here📈☝️

As we ascend into 2024, our CTO Chinab Chugh also reflects on a year of technological triumphs. Each achievement in product development stems from a meticulous examination of our modules, a testament to our unwavering commitment to technological expertise. And we’re not stopping there.

In the new year, Jublia is expecting a more collaborative environment for inter-team work and for each Jublian to glean insights from each other to cultivate a knowledge-sharing environment. This will be the cornerstone of a more unified and cohesive product.

“2024 is going to be all about refining our project management structure, defining seamless inter-team collaboration workflows, and pushing the boundaries to build the most exceptional Engagement Hub out there!,” Chinab added.

Humbled by all we've achieved together, we can't wait to share the fruits of our collaborative spirit in 2024. Thank you for being part of the journey, and keep an eye out – Jublia got some surprises up its sleeve!

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