Hybrid Series (Part 2): Humans First, Features Second

Event tech is progressing at an unprecedented pace, but is it in favour of the people who use it?
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September 8, 2021

Article actual date: Sep 8, 2021

In the field of event technology, we might be ahead of the game with our constant updates for both virtual and physical fronts, but there lies a bigger underlying concern for us:

In recent months, many event tech providers pride themselves with platforms chock full of features, but what good is technology when it’s clunky and not integrated?

Hence, we’re setting off towards new horizons. Our developmental focus has always been on benefits (will this feature bring immense value for you and your attendees?), but now, we’ll look to redefine the journey rather than the end-goal. Our first step involves augmenting our platforms to converse with your attendees and exhibitors alike.

Fully Branded Event App: Revolution or Relapse?

As organisers become more agile in the face of the pandemic, the possibility of a hybrid future grows ever imminent. By then, will we fully embody both live and virtual components, or will we eventually regress back into a state where technology is just a second-class feature that accompanies live elements?

Thankfully, the latest updates to our Fully Branded Event App help minimise the latter from happening. After approximately a year of inactivity, the app is now reequipped with an entire arsenal of features that were adapted from the best of our AI Engagement Platform.

From simple visuals to new information touchpoints, we have enhanced various aspects of the app that aim to seamlessly convey your attendees’ goals and purposes across with one another.

However, we didn’t just blindly port all of the features over. Rather, we paid deliberate attention in nurturing a human-centric approach that reiterated our features to avoid overchoice, a phenomenon coined by writer Alvin Toffler that describes the difficulty of choice when presented with too many options.

New features are no doubt a necessity that keeps the hybrid scene fresh and exciting for you and us. But, it does involve a level of science to optimise and integrate the perfect amount of features at the right place, at the right time, and our recent changes mark our continued foray in our human-centric approach.

Conversational UI: Talk of the Town

At its core, a live event consists of many conversations between two or more parties, where the exchange of information in person makes up the magic of meetings. But, this effect is greatly dulled in the virtual realm, as your ability to perceive what the other party is thinking is severely limited by your unintuitive screens.

But what if the platform could communicate? Conversations would become more natural and ideas would once again flow seamlessly between attendees. This rekindles that spark of magic that sets off a wildfire of fruitful exchanges and discussions even before the onsite component.

Similar to the human-centric approach mentioned earlier, we constantly reinforced a ‘humans first, features second’ perspective while designing our Conversational UI. The result: a platform that understands your attendees’ goals and empowers them to effectively communicate their ideas between one another, while connecting the experience flow that leads them to fortuitous meeting outcomes.

These changes are ready to create delightful opportunities for your attendees on our AI Engagement Platform, and will soon be translated onto our Fully Branded Event App.

Matching to Go, Please

Amidst all the new changes, we’ve also seamlessly re-integrated our signature data-driven matchmaking into the Fully Branded Event App.

While it seems like a minute change, its effects are compounded by the phenomenon of choice once more — satisfaction shares a relationship with the amount of choices an attendee has: too little forces some to use what they don’t want, too many causes the overchoice pressure to kick in.

Hence, we’re aiming for the sweet spot of choices: the intertwining nature of data that’s shared through Match 360° and the Fully Branded Event App will enhance the efficacy of our solutions in co-piloting an attendee’s experience as they breeze through the event spaces.

Communication, Conversations & Choices

Our years of intense user studies and feedback culminated in this human-centric approach, yet our journey in reengineering attendee conversations had just begun.

Curious on what is our next big step? Want to see how our solutions can communicate with your attendees? Hit us up on our LinkedIn or contact us at today!

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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