Catch of the Day: Seafood Expo Asia and the 3 years transformation from virtual to live

Exploring collaborative transformation throughout the years and transitioning event formats
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Over the years, Seafood Expo Asia has evolved into a prominent fixture in the seafood industry. Throughout this journey, Seafood Expo Asia has undergone a remarkable transformation in response to changing circumstances and industry demands, specifically in their last three editions of the Expo - in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Through a partnership with Jublia, which started all the way back to 2016, Diversified Communications worked to plan events that meet the demands. This collaboration played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of each event edition and its transformation of formats, specifically in the Business Matchmaking program. 

In this case study, we will explore the goals, challenges, and outcomes of these transformative editions, shedding light on how the collaboration collectively met the evolving needs of attendees and stakeholders while holding true to their primary objectives.

Seafood Expo Asia’s Evolution in a Snapshot

Seafood Expo Asia, in each of its editions, holds a consistent objective — fostering top of the line value through private 1-1 meetings for their exhibiting suppliers and top buyers. With this strong value of getting business done at the event, it helps the organizer to grow an attractive pitch to more prospective suppliers.

Despite challenges from global shifts, Seafood Expo Asia navigated format transformations, achieving harmonious progression. 

The 2021 Edition: Virtual Resilience

The edition emerged as a paragon of adaptability amid unprecedented challenges. Confronting global adversities, the event seamlessly transitioned to an entirely virtual format, all thanks to the organizers’ quick thinking and high adaptability skills. Also, at the heart of this event’s digital stage was Jublia’s Web App, that served as the nexus that connected attendees and transcended the confines of physical space.

Infused with advanced AI capabilities, the event’s web app discerningly recommended key individuals, products, and companies, laying the foundation for purposeful virtual interactions. There were a total of 84.45% attendees attending their virtual meetings from the Business Matchmaking Program of this edition, proving that, despite the absence of physical proximity, it steadfastly adhered to its core mission – forging connections among stakeholders in the seafood industry. 

The 2022 Edition: Hybrid Innovation

This edition of Seafood Expo Asia showcased a harmonious blend of on-site presence and a significant digital component in the Business Matchmaking program. This hybrid composition echoed on Jublia's engagement hub, catering to both virtual and on-site attendees in business matchmaking and embodying innovation in networking.

In this event, 400+ meetings were held, experiencing a 13% increase in total of meetings  compared to the previous edition.

The 2023 Edition: A Triumphant Return

Last September, Seafood Expo Asia marked a triumphant return to fully on-site operations. With 363 companies from 41 countries and 26 pavilions, the show's exhibit floor expanded by 84% from the previous year. The overwhelming response, signaled a resounding success in the industry's enthusiasm for in-person engagement. Jublia's digital solutions and the organizers’ expertise effortlessly supported the heightened excitement of face-to-face interactions. For the Business Matchmaking Program in this event, a whopping 90.34% of the registrants attended their fully onsite meetings, growing 11% from the previous edition.

Hand-in-Hand Through the Roller Coaster

In Seafood Expo Asia's dynamic landscape, our journey resembled a roller coaster—full of twists and turns. While mostly smooth due to the organizer's familiarity with Jublia through the Expo’s Business Matchmaking program, both parties had to navigate conversations for 40+ countries and diverse regional pavilions in varied event formats.

Jublia's proficiency in matchmaking, coupled with the organizer's meticulous preparation of accurate and high-quality attendee data, ensured precise matches. The strategic input of well-categorized demographics empowered Match 360°, delivering not only quick and relevant connections for buyers and exhibitors but also enabling attendees to search with high relevance. This underscores the significance of 'rubbish in, rubbish out' in optimizing the value of the event experience.

Jublia Match 360°, fueled by advanced AI, strategically recommends key connections based on preferences and industry relevance, guiding participants towards meaningful interactions. The Web App serves as a proactive compass, enabling participants to initiate networking well before the event. Attendees can seamlessly bookmark and request 1-on-1 meetings, aligning with the organizers' ingenuity for effective and purposeful connections.

The organizers, for every edition, even specifically requested for a customized pavilion bar where attendees can easily search for companies categorized into different countries. They can also explore the products through the product menu of the Web App, making sure attendees can effortlessly search the products, people, and companies they were looking for.

Attendee Satisfaction Soars: A Closer Look

Not only did the Seafood Expo Asia events excel in fostering connections, but they also garnered unprecedented levels of attendee satisfaction. The positive feedback soared with each successive event, reflecting the growing acclaim and contentment among participants. There is a 15% growth in attendee satisfaction across each of the 3 editions, with an average of 85.8% attendees feeling satisfied with the event’s ability to matchmake pre-event. There is also a growing satisfaction in onsite experience with an average of 86.8% of attendees showing positive feedback for it.

As we have delved into the testimonials and scores from attendees, a clear narrative emerges—a story of evolving success and elevated experiences that have become synonymous with Seafood Expo Asia.

Let’s Grow Together Too!

Concluding Seafood Expo Asia's journey from their recent editions reveals a tale of resilience, innovation, and success. With unwavering dedication, our aim to connect influential figures in the seafood industry has thrived, fostering meaningful interactions and empowering industry players. As Seafood Expo Asia evolves, so does our partnership with Diversified Communications.

Beyond transactions, we envision growth with all our clients. In our vision for DigitaLIVE, we advocate for the creation of robust digital solutions seamlessly integrated into the live events' ecosystem. These solutions not only enhance the event experience but also provide an authentic journey for attendees. If you're ready to elevate your live events, request a demo and stay updated by following us on LinkedIn. We look forward to working with you side-by-side for the success of your future events.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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