Behind the Blossoming Partnership: A Detailed Look Into Business Event Matchmaking

Exploring the value of various matchmaking types
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Forget about fairy tales, the hunt for the “perfect match” extends beyond love stories. In the bustling realm of business events, all attendees crave connections just as much, but with a professional twist: matchmaking.

Finding the perfect match is the beating heart of these events: exhibitors seek to showcase their wares, sponsors yearn for visibility and customer connections, and visitors search for interaction with industry professionals. On the organizer’s end, every meaningful interaction is a step closer towards their event goals. It’s a win-win scenario, but only if the right connections are made.

Here’s where matchmaking comes in, acting as the cupid in the world of business events. Let’s take a deeper look at the diverse matchmaking types that can transform your events into a thriving hub of successful pairings.

Types of Matchmaking at Business Events

  • Organic matchmaking

Attendees who have set their eyes on certain people they want to meet at an event will manage their meetings independently. They will send and accept meeting requests based on their interests utilizing the digital platform of the event they participate in. This natural networking flow fosters genuine connection, allowing all attendees to steer their own interactions course.

  • Facilitated matchmaking

Exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees can benefit from some features provided by AI-powered facilitated matchmaking. Think hosted buyers or VIP programs where pre-arranged meetings connect qualified buyers with sellers, exhibitors, or suppliers. This approach guarantees productive encounters, maximizing the value of each interaction.

Meeting recommendations is another form of facilitated matchmaking. It ensures attendees receive unique recommendations based on the individual interests they put during the profile setup stage. 

Jublia, with our best-in-class matchmaking solutions, goes one step ahead with an auto-matching feature to present attendees with pre-scheduled meetings based on their profiles and interests. No more guesswork, just seamless connection right from the start.

Matchmaking Through the Event Phase

  • Pre-event: cultivating connections from the ground up

The fire of matchmaking ignites well before the event buzzes with activity. It starts with laying the groundwork for fruitful interactions by encouraging attendees to actively shape their experience prior to the event days.

This begins with profile creation, where they detail their interests, goals, and expertise. Consider this stage as a crucial step to provide valuable information to intelligent algorithms, more than just filling in empty forms. These algorithms act as sophisticated matchmakers, analyzing profiles and identifying potential synergies based on shared interests and goals.

The outcomes? Pre-scheduled meetings that sparked focused conversations even before the event commences. This allows attendees to build rapport, identify common ground, and maximize their time at the actual gathering. It’s a strategic approach that goes beyond chance encounters, creating a fertile ground for meaningful connections and productive exchanges.

  • During event: excitement and engagement in the fast lane

The thrill of the chase doesn’t end with pre-scheduled meetings. Matchmaking still works during the event, and it keeps the energy high with diverse formats that cater to different preferences.

Through roundtable discussions that spark in-depth conversations on shared topics, attendees are able to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange. While speed networking injects an element of fun and rapid connections, allowing attendees to meet numerous individuals from different fields in a short amount of time. Blind matching sprinkle a touch of mystery in the speed networking. The anonymity encourages attendees to focus on shared interests and fostering genuine connections, rather than being swayed by preconceived notions. 

Onsite concierge-led matchmaking also has its share during the event days. Armed with AI recommendations, the friendly experts will roam around the floor to efficiently connect attendees based on their specific interests. Their hands-on service ensures accurate and speedy matchmaking, enhancing the overall event experience.

This dynamic mix ensures there’s always some possibility for everyone, keeping the event buzzing with engaging interactions and the constant potential for new discoveries. After all, it’s important to note that matchmaking is not just about the number of connections, but the quality and engagement that fuels meaningful interactions.

Choosing the Right Matchmaker

The key of successful event matchmaking lies in the organizers’ hard work, with digital solutions as its core. 

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all, making the choice of the right matchmaking approach becomes crucial. Goals, target audience, and budget are among the important factors that need to be considered.

Partnering with a robust event tech provider like Jublia can simplify the process. Jublia’s AI-powered matchmaking architects connections between event stakeholders to match each one of them with their perfect counterparts. 

The flexibility of our digital solutions makes it possible to adapt to different event needs and circumstances. Furthermore, our scalability will bring your event to new heights and closer to your goals, not limited only to matchmaking. 

We penned down one of our successful partnerships in a meetings programme at Nexticorn Summit 2023, boosting around 290% increase in on-site meetings compared to the previous edition. A geoscience conference organized by Meeting Matters also experienced a significant impact from pre-scheduled meetings facilitated by Jublia, resulting in 1,500 meeting requests.

Bring Your Event Matchmaking to a New Heights

Finding new connections and establishing business relationships are among the many reasons why people attend events, further emphasizing the importance of matchmaking and networking. Regardless of the approach chosen, it’s worth noting that business matchmaking is not just about connecting people but also providing value to all stakeholders involved.

At Jublia, we believe that every event is unique. Thus, we provide an engagement hub with unified digital solutions not only for matchmaking, but also leads generation, AI interactive maps, and more.

Jublia Engagement Hub with its high flexibility and scalability is capable of supporting your event needs and ease it closer to the goals. Let’s talk about how our digital solutions can be the final missing piece of your event planning puzzle! Talk to our Solutions Specialists by dropping a message to and schedule your demo today. Before we go, make sure to be the first one to hear from us by following our LinkedIn page!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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