Beyond Business Cards: How Event Tech is Transforming Networking

Discover how cutting-edge technology is building deeper connections and driving better event outcomes
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The world of events is experiencing a transformative renaissance, with the focus shifting dramatically from mere numbers and attendance to crafting memorable experiences and fostering genuine connections that fuel meaningful event networking. This evolution is in part, driven by the growing importance of Return on Experience (ROX), a metric that prioritizes lasting impacts, including establishing valuable connections, over immediate financial gains.

This paradigm shift has propelled the events industry into a vibrant era of innovation and experimentation, with event technology standing at the forefront. It plays a crucial role in shaping these enriching experiences, not just by facilitating interactions, but by nourishing lasting memories through enhanced networking opportunities. So, how exactly is event tech transforming this crucial aspect of the event experience?

Traditional Networking: A Stepping Stone in the Evolving Landscape

In traditional event networking, methods like exchanging business cards may not represent the most strategic or efficient approach, leading to a siloed and disconnected event networking process. Such limitations can leave many feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and unsure of how to maximize their time and opportunities.

Challenges of Traditional Networking

Pre-event isolation: Identifying and connecting with relevant individuals before the event can be difficult, limiting the potential for forming valuable connections early on.

Information overload and feeling overwhelmed:  Limited information and visibility prior to the event can make it difficult to  identify and prioritize high-value interactions. This lack of context can then lead to information overload on the event day(s), leaving attendees unsure of how to navigate the experience effectively.

Inefficiency and reliance on chance: Traditional networking often relies on chance encounters and can be time-consuming, limiting the number of meaningful connections formed. It requires attendees to play the numbers game, gathering information and having discussions with many, but having less quality conversations as a result.

Post-event disconnect: Maintaining momentum and fostering lasting relationships after the event can be challenging without proper tools and strategies. There can be limitations in capturing conversation insights and facilitating follow-up.

So, are there better ways to network at events in today's tech-driven world - an elevated version of traditional event networking? Event technology is the answer, and its potential to transform networking is vast. By addressing these limitations, event technology doesn't replace traditional networking; it empowers participants to be more proactive, strategic, and efficient in their interactions, ultimately maximizing the value they derive from attending events.

Looking Ahead: The Rise of Event Technology

As technology seamlessly merges online and offline experiences, event tech empowers organizers to build richer networks and amplify attendee experiences. This makes it a key tool for navigating the new era of interaction, where strategic interactions and engagement take center stage.

Furthermore, attendees now expect the addition of digital event features to continue, even during in-person events. A study conducted by Forrester found that 77% of respondents agree that attendees at in-person events have higher expectations for digital features than they did a few years ago. This highlights the increasing importance of integrating digital elements into any event strategy, regardless of format.

Event Tech in Action: Transforming Networking

Event tech’s role in this evolution is by transforming networking - shifting the focus from chance encounters to strategic connections:

Advanced AI and data analytics:  AI is paving the way for exciting possibilities with predictive networking. Seamless integration with other tools like scheduling platforms and knowledge-sharing platforms further enhances the experience.

Personalized experiences and hyper-relevant connections: Through the power of data and AI, event technology tailors the experience for each participant. Attendees receive personalized recommendations for sessions, speakers, and individuals with complementary expertise and interests. 

From Awkward to Awesome - Overcoming Networking Challenges

The benefits of event technology extend far beyond the event day itself. They begin at the pre-event stage, helping attendees overcome common networking challenges:

Combating intimidation: Native event apps can provide attendees with a clear understanding of event logistics, activities, and speaker information. This facilitates targeted introductions and connections, creating a more comfortable setting for introverts, who may thrive in smaller, directed interactions, rather than open-ended networking environments. 

Finding the right people: By leveraging event platforms, attendees can easily search for individuals based on specific criteria, eliminating the time and effort spent randomly wandering the event floor, with the help of AI-powered maps.

Managing large events with ease: Event technology can provide real-time information on schedules, speaker biographies, and attendee lists, empowering participants to navigate the event efficiently and prioritize their interactions.

Beyond Small Talk - Establishing Meaningful Connections

Event technology facilitates connections that go beyond superficial small talk. It empowers participants to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships with individuals who share their professional goals and aspirations:

AI-powered recommendations: AI algorithms analyze attendee profiles and preferences, recommending connections with similar or relevant interests. This creates a foundation for purposeful conversations.

Facilitating meaningful meetings: Event platforms often provide integrated scheduling and matchmaking tools. These tools allow participants to easily connect with individuals they'd like to meet, fostering conversations with a clear purpose and potential for collaboration.

Incorporating Event Technology into Your Networking Event

Whether you're an organizer or attendee, embracing event technology can transform your event networking experience. Event technology is not just about replacing traditional networking; it's about enhancing it. By embracing event tech, you can overcome common networking challenges, build deeper connections, and achieve better outcomes at your next event.

By incorporating event tech into your event networking strategy, you can overcome traditional limitations, build stronger connections, and maximize the value you derive from attending events.

Written By :
Atyana Raharjanto
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