2024’s Power Move: Partnering with Event Tech Providers for Success

Still unsure whether to partner with tech providers for your event? Explore how it cuts down half the effort but double the impact!
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The event industry is in the midst of a profound transformation, spurred by the convergence of experiential marketing and rapid technological advancements. As consumer preferences evolve, there’s a heightened emphasis on personalized and interactive experiences facilitated by the rise of AI-powered event technology.

Amidst remarkable industry growth valued at $1,189.21 billion in 2023 and projected to soar to $2,160.24 billion by 2032, as forecasted by Expert Market Research, challenges persist. Organizers face the ongoing quest for optimal attendee engagement, cost management, and seamless tech integration, as noted by Bizzabo. Moreover, as events strive to keep pace with attendees' escalating demands for technology while judiciously allocating resources, the industry faces a pivotal question: should you partner with event tech providers? This article navigates through the compelling reasons why partnering with event technology providers emerges as a linchpin, offering a strategic vantage point to not only meet but thrive in the face of industry challenges.

A Closer Look at In-House Developments

Imagine going full on in-house development. This means having your own internal team of tech wizards who craft, maintain, and update your event solutions from within the heart of your organization. It sounds absolutely powerful, right?  However, it comes with considerations.

While in-house teams offer unparalleled control, they could take a heavy chunk of budget, and their scale may be tethered to the size of your business rather than the expansive market. Add in the post-launch maintenance costs to keep the solutions efficient. Not to mention, this internal focus might risk developing solutions solely based on your needs and requests, potentially limiting innovation by not aligning with broader market needs.

Now, picture a different narrative. You partner with a reliable event tech provider, kick back, relax, and let these external entities – who are specialists in the field – handle your event tech hassle. Let’s break it down in the next section!

Why Opt to Partnering with Event Tech Providers?

In the world of event organizing, the choice to partner with an event tech provider isn't merely a decision; it's a pragmatic exploration of benefits that fundamentally defines the efficiency and execution of your projects. However, before we dive into the benefits, you should also keep in mind that there are several types of outsourcing, each catering to distinct needs. Pure outsourced development houses focus solely on event projects, while SaaS (Software as a Service) providers offer a versatile spectrum of solutions.

Within the realm of SaaS, organizations can choose between a fully self-serve option, allowing them to independently adopt and integrate solutions, and a partnership option, where collaborative engagement with the service provider enhances the customization and support experience.

Despite the differences in these outsourcing approaches, the underlying benefits remain consistent. Here are practical reasons why outsourcing event tech is a cost-efficient choice and more:

Cost-Efficient: A Balanced Budget Approach

Once your event concludes, the day-to-day tasks for your in-house team significantly decrease. By partnering with an event tech provider, you can alleviate the financial strain associated with long-term commitments like extensive infrastructure investments, ongoing human resources expenses, and more. It's a no-strings-attached approach until the next event surfaces on the horizon, allowing for a more flexible and budget-conscious operational model.

Elevated Solutions Crafted by Seasoned Professionals

When you partner with an event tech provider, you’re not just choosing any solutions. These solutions are created by your providers’ team of seasoned professionals who deeply understand the nuances of the events landscape. This same team stands ready to collaborate, ensuring a singular focus on realizing your event objectives and bringing your vision to life with their solutions. This commitment to excellence is something we take very seriously at Jublia, where our talented team ensures every solution is a testament to industry-leading expertise.

Scalability and Flexibility: Adapting to Event Dynamics

In an era where technology undergoes rapid evolution, outsourcing your event tech becomes a strategic move to stay at the forefront of innovation. Technology advancements occur swiftly, and an experienced event tech provider is agile, ensuring prompt adoption and seamless adjustment to emerging trends.

This dynamic adaptability guarantees that your event tech solution remains apace with the evolving landscape, providing an agile response to the ever-changing requirements of the events industry.

Faster Time-to-Market: Streamlining Deployment and Maintenance

Outsourcing accelerates your time-to-market by providing access to ready-to-deploy resources and expertise. Much like selecting delectable dishes from a renowned restaurant's menu, you can handpick solutions offered by your provider, all prepped and ready for use. A few tweaks aligning with your branding and specific requests, and viola! Your event is primed and ready to go.

Now, with SaaS, it gets even better. No headaches about maintenance – the solutions are designed to run smoothly without you worrying about updates or tweaks. Enjoy a seamless tech experience for your event without the stress of internal management. 

Innovation and Fresh Perspectives: Practical Creativity Injection

Although your own team would probably be swimming in creative inputs, trying to incorporate all can be intensive and time consuming work. This is where an event tech provider excels – offering a feasibility check and injecting a fresh set of eyes for a burst of novel ideas.

This ensures that the solutions goe beyond just functionality, but also incorporates creative solutions to enhance its effectiveness. Moreover, your chosen provider are likely on the pulse of the latest event technology trends, proactively ensuring your events harness cutting-edge solutions and maintain a leading edge in the dynamic event tech landscape.

However, these benefits hinge on selecting the right event tech provider. Without a suitable partner, potential risks such as data security issues and communication hiccups may surface, jeopardizing your event goals. So, what crucial factors should you consider before choosing a provider? Let's unravel the essential insights.

Choosing the Right Event Tech Provider: Key Considerations

Selecting the ideal tech provider for your event is like finding the perfect puzzle piece – it should fit seamlessly and enhance the overall picture. Here are crucial considerations to guide you in this important decision-making process:

✅Proven Expertise and History as Your Reliable Foundation

Seek event tech providers with a substantial history and proven expertise in providing solutions aligned with your event needs. A track record of excellence in supporting events is essential. Look for providers with case studies showcasing real-life applications of their solutions. For instance, Jublia as a SaaS, boasts over a decade of experience, a testament to our commitment and capability to create unforgettable event experiences for all which we penned down in our case studies

✅They Stay Ahead of the Curve and Adapt to New Trends

Say goodbye to researching and having to stay one step forward of event trends. Opt for providers who not only have a solid history but are also at the forefront of innovation. The right provider keeps pace with user demands and event trends.  Look for those who are openly communicative about their commitment to innovation. Most importantly, they know what they’re doing!

✅They Shine a Clear Path for You through Transparent Processes

Communication is the linchpin of successful collaborations. A reliable tech provider understands this principle, keeping you seamlessly in the loop by offering clear insights into every crucial end-to-end process. Furthermore, they prioritize transparent communication on budget-related matters, ensuring that they do not conceal any extra costs that might catch you off guard. 

✅Fortifying Your Trust is Their Top Priority

Events handle a lot of sensitive data – which is a very valuable asset. The right provider must handle it with the utmost care. Seek providers that are committed to guaranteeing the protection of your data, implementing rigorous security checks and processes. A tangible testament to this commitment is ISO 27001 certification, a standard Jublia proudly upholds. This certification underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security, with an unwavering commitment to continual improvement every step of the way.

✅Tailored Solutions to Facilitate Your Every Need

The right tech provider is one that not only understands but also facilitates your specific event requirements. After all, every event is unique with different kinds of needs. For example, if your event spans a large venue with multiple halls, look for a provider with an excellent event maps feature – Jublia AI Maps, for example, excels in this aspect — especially with our Multihall Maps feature within it.  For fast-paced events with diverse needs, tools like a reliable lead scanner can efficiently capture leads, ensuring a seamless experience for both exhibitors and attendees.

Let Jublia Bring You Hand-in-Hand to Event Success in 2024

When it comes to the dilemma of outsourcing event tech or building your own in-house development team, no option is the “wrong option”. It’s essential to establish that both approaches have their merits. However, should you opt to partner with an event tech provider, selecting the right one transforms the decision into a strategic partnership, amplifying the success and impact of your events. These considerations serve as a compass, guiding you towards a provider whose expertise, transparency, and solutions align seamlessly with your event objectives.

At Jublia, our commitment goes beyond providing a service; it's about ensuring you are equipped with everything necessary for unparalleled event success. We don't just listen; we engage in meaningful discussions to understand your unique requirements, and our team is dedicated to recommending the best-fit solutions for every facet of your event.

Speak to our Solutions Specialists to delve into the tailored possibilities we offer, and follow us on LinkedIn to be 100% up-to-date with our latest insights and innovations.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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