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Article actual date: Sep 16, 2021

Big Data

A trend that stormed many industries across the world, analysing big data was perceived to provide the solution for everything — from discovering new trends, developing new features and even embarking on new methods that can better analyse more data. Closer to home, however, is big data really the way for the business events industry?

Yes… and no. While big data does have its uses in mapping trends across multiple events, it requires a tremendous upkeep of data to sustain its insights. For the average organiser — smaller, curated datasets are more than sufficient to fuel all-encompassing metrics and spin detailed narratives.

With our sights oriented in the right direction, how do we exactly get to the fabled land of curated data? Naturally, we’d have to understand the nuances of data before even starting our journey.

The Importance of Data

Let’s assume a simple 1:1 meeting at an exhibition, where an attendee and exhibitor are discussing a potential trade deal due to their similar interests. It might be a start of a new partnership between these two parties, but under the gaze of a data-driven organiser, this is actually the end as far as curated data goes.

In actuality, the crux of curated data lies in the journey leading up to the purposeful interaction. Here, the attendee is presented with many exhibitors that provide the same product, but subtle differences make some a better choice than others — maybe exhibitor A’s products are more catered to the attendee’s specific use cases, for instance.

Beyond the example, there lies a myriad of subtle differences that, when gathered from your own events, will eventually form curated datasets that you can massage to uncover new optimisations and opportunities. However, knowing is only half the battle, so how do you actually obtain and decipher these curated datasets?

We think Sense is your answer.

Data Empowerment: Sense & You

Introduced back in 2014, Sense has since been our organiser-facing application that provides deep analytics capable of pivoting decisions and deciphering new opportunities in any event imaginable.

Sense has tremendously grown throughout the years adapting to our clients’ dynamic needs, resulting in significant developments like trend and match analytics being released along the way.

To tackle the looming prospects of curated data, we’ve augmented Sense with a humans first, features second approach that places organisers at the virtual forefront of their events.

Right from the get-go, Sense now involves organisers in every aspect of the event planning process. This might sound daunting especially for new clients, but the revamped interface is designed to provide an objective-led overview that intuitively guides you through each deliverable before moving onto the next phase — think of it as a virtual pre-event checklist, if you will.

Also segmented into phases are various analytics that measure the level of engagement amongst attendees, companies and even content tracks. These vary from phase to phase, providing highly-relevant metrics that can pivot decisions at that point in time, empowering you to optimise as you move along the planning process.

Through orchestrating the digital frontier of your events, you can become more acquainted with your curated datasets, empowering you to better interpret and conjure all-encompassing stories with deep analytics.

Of course, the essence of Sense still lies within data. In the coming 6 months, we’re developing powerful analytics that can potentially unearth even more actionable insights and opportunities, especially when coupled with your newfound control in Sense.

Pushing Limits, Together

Here at Jublia, we’ve seen a number of long-term clients who have upskilled their data proficiencies by being more involved in the planning process, enabling them to wield Sense in ways that were previously unimaginable. As a result, these clients saw an increase in audience and stakeholder satisfaction thanks to their data-driven efforts.

Data is, undoubtedly, an overwhelming and frustrating concept to tackle. However, with the right tools and people to collaboratively guide you through, data has the immense potential to reengineer audience interactions and unearth bountiful opportunities.

Have any great recommendations to further refine Sense? Perhaps you’re new and need some advice on going hybrid? We’re always ready to reply to your queries on our LinkedIn or through email at

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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Your Data, Your Event, Your Sense

Unlock actionable insights that optimise your audience interactions in the new Sense.

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