We are Terrapinn’s Official Event Technology Partner!

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September 28, 2015

Actual article date: Sep 28, 2015

Jublia is proud to be Terrapinn’s official Event Technology Partner for all their conferences across five continents.

In this partnership, Jublia aims to boost the business matching capabilities of all Terrapinn shows. Our goal is to bring unparalleled and relevant networking opportunities to their customers and event stakeholders. We’ve already started by reducing large manual workloads for both sides through an automated integration between Terrapinn’s registration system and Jublia’s Datasync technology. Data transfers are now done seamlessly.

Due to the global reach of this exciting partnership, Jublia has also been given an opportunity to deeply analyze the networking potential of each and every Terrapinn show horizontally, across industries and vertically, across geography. We do this with Jublia SENSE.

Since the inception of this partnership a month ago, we have already worked together with Terrapinn for over 20 shows! In some shows, for instance the recent Cards and Payments Philippines, Terrapinn’s networking team have feedback very obvious improvements and results with the networking segment of the event.

“We are deeply honored and appreciative of the opportunity and trust that Terrapinn has given us as their official event technology partner” says Tan Kuan Yan, CEO of Jublia.

He further stresses that such an opportunity not only allows Jublia to increase their business matching capabilities and experiences by leap and bounds, but also works to help Terrapinn uncover deep analytics into the event business of their organization by constantly tuned in and measuring the end-customers’ true needs and sentiments.

He explains, “it is only through such an opportunity of working at scale with organizers like Terrapinn that we can together intricately understand how to fundamentally improve the event business value internally within the organization, and externally for Terrapinn’s customers across show brands.

Jublia looks forward to a good start to a great partnership. Our main course of action to continuing this fruitful collaboration would be to provide the best business meetings experience for all of Terrapinn’s show. Most importantly, to constant improve, innovate and evolve our leading end-to-end business matching solution by listening attentively to all feedback received.

Terrapinn is a leading global conference producer
Jublia is an end-to-end event business matching specialist

Written By :
Tan Kuan Yan
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