An Upgrade to Engage 360°: The New Centralized Help Desk

A unified platform concierge support with timely responses to maximize attendee engagement
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In today’s fast-paced world, rapid response times and 24/7 customer service are no longer a luxury; they’re an absolute necessity. Event planning is no exception. Beyond logistics, exceptional concierge support for the event platform is the cornerstone of attendee satisfaction. To deliver stellar experiences, event organizers must ensure they receive unparalleled support from their tech partner. 

Platform Concierge Support for Event: What Makes It Important

Navigating the intricate landscape of event planning poses myriad challenges. Any hiccups can ripple through the attendee experience and disrupt the overall harmony. This is especially true when coordinating across time zones and regions during the pre-event days.

Calabrio reported that while 79% of managers believe they meet or exceed customer response expectations, only 45% of consumers agree. Similarly, while 84% of managers feel they address customers' need to feel heard and understood, only 45% of consumers concur.

It underlines the need for reliable platform concierge support for attendees that is able to transcend those boundaries, ensuring seamless operations. Whenever they encounter issues, attendees expect timely resolutions.

Jublia’s Revolutionized Platform Concierge Support

In response to the challenges in event platform support and primarily motivated to enhance our concierge, Jublia unveils a unified platform support solution tailored to the needs of event planners and organizers alike, aiming to provide a smoother experience for attendees.

Our user-centric approach solution delivers several key enhancements:

  • Centralized Support: Imagine having a single, convenient point of contact for all your event-related inquiries. Even better, this centralized platform concierge support is accessible on both the Web App and Native App platforms, allowing event attendees to resolve many issues through self-service – a method preferred by 35% of consumers, according to Emplifi. For further assistance, attendees can reach the concierge support directly for quick answers to their problems.
  • Enhanced Availability: Gone are the days of limited support hours. Our global team of support agents provides around-the-clock coverage, minimizing offline windows and ensuring faster resolution times –  as expected by 93% of customers, according to Smart Tribune
  • Faster Resolution: This unified platform support isn’t just about one central location for enquiries, but consequently foster a smoother workflow, leading to quicker responses and problem-solving. Say goodbye to waiting on hold to find the solutions, as they are now available at the attendees’ fingertips.
  • Personalized Support: Every attendee is unique, so are their needs. Our event platform concierge caters to individual requirements regardless of time zone or locations, making each of them feel valued and ensuring a positive event experience for everyone involved.

A More Centralized System, an Upgraded Engage 360°

At Jublia, our mission revolves around empowering stakeholders to achieve their event goals. This latest innovation underscores our unwavering commitment to our clients by taking our concierge service to the next level.

Jublia’s event concierge, as a part of our Engage 360° feature, is designed with a customer-first approach. Along with the fully-equipped Engagement Hub and support team, Engage 360° will be able to facilitate attendees in maximizing their opportunities for a highly successful event participation.

Grab the Firsthand Experience

In essence, exceptional customer support is the backbone of successful events. Our newly-launched unified support simplifies communication, fosters understanding, and ensures that your attendees have a memorable experience. Grab the chance to provide your attendees with reliable customer support that guarantees their satisfaction. 

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Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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An Upgrade to Engage 360°: The New Centralized Help Desk

A unified platform concierge support with timely responses to maximize attendee engagement

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