Jublia Engage 360°: Driving Towards The Best Outcome For Your Event Engagement

Every organizer wants to maximize their event engagement, but how can you achieve that?
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According to a report by Bizzabo, 82% of B2B marketers regard attendee engagement as an important KPI to determine an event’s success. As such, it is no secret that engagement is the crux for any event’s success. In every step of any event creation process, engagement will always be a key factor. 

However, knowing is one thing and doing is another. Many organizers attempt to create highly engaging events without knowing the actual formula. Thus, their attempts may result in a hit or miss due to the uncertainty.

This begs the question: How can organizers ensure their events are engaging, continuously captivating their attendees for the entire event duration and beyond, to bring their events to success?

We have just the answer for this — Jublia’s very own Engage 360°.

Introducing Engage 360°

As its name suggests, Jublia Engage 360° answers your event engagement needs through a well-rounded engagement strategy.

With a 360° approach, the engagement strategy is separated into four phases: Design, Execute, Control, and Improve. They are aimed at designing for an engaging event according to your specific requirements, and facilitating the best outcomes for your audiences and your event’s success.

Together with a fully-equipped digital platform and support team, Engage 360° will help you to reinvigorate your events’ engagement and maximize your attendees’ opportunities for a highly successful event.

How Is It Different?

We believe that selling a technology alone will not help you in delivering the results you want to achieve for your event.

Unlike the event engagement you are likely used to, Engage 360° focuses on maximizing attendees’ matchmaking opportunities through a high-touch engagement that delivers persistent, targeted and relevant messages and specialists that focus on helping you achieve the best results.

Chance vs Data-Driven Opportunity

For the typical live event, matchmaking for attendees is left up to chance as organizers are unable to gain insights into their user behavior during the event. Thus, more often than not, attendees will feel exhausted at the end of the event due to a less than satisfactory matchmaking experience.

Engage 360° understands this pain point, and combats it with data-driven insights through event data collected in real time. With these insights that are automatically analyzed from attendees’ individual user behaviors, you will be able to understand how you can best motivate and retain attendees’ engagement throughout their event journey.

Customer Service vs Customer Success

Jublia believes in a ‘customer-first’ approach, and is committed to delivering only the best to organizers. Our concierge is not limited to only answering queries for organizers and troubleshooting for you.

Instead, we will also curate and deliver a unique engagement strategy based on your specific engagement requirements that is aimed at meeting each and every of your attendees’ needs.

Our concierge will be with you at every step of the process, to ensure the engagement opportunities can be maximized for everyone at your event, and allowing everyone involved to achieve great success.

Simple Reminders vs Robust Reminder Plan

It is vital for attendees to attend the meetings and sessions they have pre-scheduled to build trust and satisfaction in your events.

A simple reminder is just not enough, as attendees may easily miss or forget about their meetings or sessions due to an overcrowded schedule or a slip of the mind. Missed commitments mean lower event engagement and unhappy attendees.

Engage 360° has a robust reminder plan personalized for each attendee to minimize no-shows and missed meetings. A wide range of communication channels like WhatsApp, WeChat and email are supported. This ensures all attendees are able to communicate through their preferred channel and keep track of all their scheduled meetings and sessions.

When attendees are able to commit and attend all their scheduled meetings and sessions, your event’s engagement will naturally increase and be sustained throughout the event period.

How Engage 360° Can Make A Difference to Your Events

Jublia believes in working together with organizers to better integrate our technology into your event and to deliver the best results. 

Engage 360° offers you a committed concierge that will help you to achieve your goals. Through crafting and delivering a curated engagement strategy aimed to meet the needs of all attendees together with the organizer, our goal is to drive up the ROI performances for your attendees and your event with our combined efforts. 

We do not skimp on quality checks and assurance for your events. With Engage 360°, we will run rigorous integrity checks at every stage of your event platform lifecycle. This way, you can have a peace of mind and focus on creating higher engagement and retaining attendees’ interest and participation to meet your event goals. 

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. Our philosophy is to strive for continuous improvements instead of thinking we have reached perfection. We want to help your event to delight attendees and achieve high ROI performances. As such, we are always looking to improve our 360° approach and how we can nurture the uniqueness of your brand. 

Plan Your Event With Us!

At Jublia, we wholly understand the importance of event engagement for both the attendees and the organizer. 

Armed with a fully-equipped digital platform and highly-dedicated concierge to curate and realize your personalized event engagement strategy, we are more than prepared to deliver the best engagement experience to facilitate your event success. 

Are you interested to know more about Jublia Engage 360°? Follow us on LinkedIn and drop an email to to find out more!

Written By :
Gigi Teo Swee Khee
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