Setting Revolutionary Beauty and Wellness Trends at Cosmoprof Digital Asia Week 2021

Virtual Event Matchmaking Case Study: Cosmoprof Digital Asia Week 2021
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January 11, 2022

Article actual date: Jan 11, 2022

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2021 that was held from the 8th to 16th November, the beholders themselves are in-charge of redefining all things beauty instead. Convening experts, leaders and professionals from all corners of the beauty and wellness industry, Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2021 is the international platform for companies to showcase their new products and, more importantly, generate leads from relevant buyers as well.

Piloted in 2020, the Digital Week series enabled its attendees to circumvent any travel restrictions and keep up-to-date with the latest beauty and wellness developments. Amongst the similar elements taken from its physical predecessor, Cosmoprof’s Digital Week events have also incorporated data-driven matchmaking through Match&Meet, a centralized platform where attendees can discover and engage with other highly-relevant attendees, companies and products based on their set of personalized interests. Jublia is proud to be the main platform partner assisting Cosmoprof on matching beauty professionals wherever, whenever.

Angel Fu, Event Director of Cosmoprof Asia, highlighted how Jublia enhanced their event’s value proposition for all their attendees: “While this may be the second iteration of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, the products and content sessions offered have dynamically changed since last year. The event thus plays an important role in keeping stakeholders afloat on the latest developments, and Match&Meet has greatly enabled us to fulfil that mission. As one of the largest beauty and wellness events, we were glad that Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2021 spurred conversations and growth in industries not just in Asia, but across the world as well.”


The creative minds behind Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2021 have extensively transformed Match&Meet into a massive marketplace that spans over 10 categories and 130 subcategories. This makes it easier for buyers and sellers to meet under the right business circumstances, where both parties can already kick off business negotiations on their specific niches.

Thanks to this, the attendees in total accumulated over 311,000 search results and 76,000 click-throughs. These click-throughs surfaced a plethora of key industrial trends, many of which could help Cosmoprof pivot future events towards more relevant discussions. For instance, the top 3 buyer’s product interests involved:

1. Retail skincare products

2. Natural skincare, cosmetics & personal care products

3. OEM/ODM Service: Skincare Products

These categories, alongside other trending searches, can be used to tailor post-event conversations or even a mini follow-up event that once again gathers relevant buyers and sellers together to catch up on the latest developments, forge new or existing partnerships and most importantly, push the boundaries of the beauty industry to new frontiers regardless of the hindering circumstances.

Beyond products, Digital Week also hosted Cosmotalks, an extensive series of content tracks that dived deep into findings, analyses and case studies on all things beauty within Asia. Match&Meet has pulled off the ability to house 4 tracks containing over 42 unique sessions of webinars, demos, and #beautyhunt by influencers, resulting in over 56,000 views across the entire event.

All in all, the centralized capability of both product and content resulted in many positive comments from beauty experts who’ve attended the event:

Trade Buyer, Thailand:

“Match2Meet made it easy to get in touch with relevant factories, providing a lot of choices which made my experience very worthwhile.”

Standard Exhibitor, Italy:

“The platform is an extremely simple way to meet useful international buyers and build new collaborations in one place.”

Standard Exhibitor, Korea:

“The tools and UI were so easy to utilize, which made accessing my schedule and creating new meeting requests super easy — I’m really satisfied with the efficient platform!”

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We’re proud to have played a significant role in spearheading innovations and negotiations in the international beauty industry through Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2021, and we hope that these efforts will carry on towards the live rendition of Cosmoprof Asia 2022.

Looking to reshape your event to pave the way for more data-driven decisions? Find out more by contacting us at and follow us on our LinkedIn.

Written By :
Gigi Teo Swee Khee
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